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  1. cheers graham it would be greatly apreciated fella
  2. i be difintlay be interested in one for my mount maybe we can come to some agreement on making me one fella
  3. nice job mate when are u going into production
  4. [quote My biggest niggle is that my polarscope is slightly off axis when screwed in. This means that when rotated, there is a slight "wobble" in the image, although the crosshair stays in the same spot in the image. ive got the same mount and ive just had a strip down and grease up but havin problem getting my polar scope centured spent 2hours in garden yesturday still got a wobble not had this problem before ive had the mount 9 years .
  5. i just been speaking to a man and he pointed out that it was seen south of her so it not the one from saturday so maybe there was two that night one at 2145 and then around midnight
  6. Is this the meteorite that terrified Britain? Florist claims she found space rock in school field while walking her dog | Mail Online its a nice one if it is the one:icon_salut:
  7. nice bit of kit fella i want one .
  8. was after a phillips webcam but harder to to get now but i keep looking.
  9. nice job mate it would look better in my garden
  10. nev47

    Hi to everyone

    we have all been there and wellcome to sgl
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