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  1. I didn't get the barlow lens in time for my scope and my t-ring adapter isn't focusing so i took these shots with my d40 and a 200mm lens.. not too bad but i was hoping to use my new scope for this full set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/zavoid/2280330377/in/set-72157603954182383/ my fave shot i got was with saturn, 3 leo and i think regulus thanks!
  2. Ahh didn't even know i could put a barlow on my t-adapter... ok time to order one before the lunar eclipse lol
  3. Hey guys i'm back! finally got all my gear and some clear nights. the astro masters 130 is fun as my first scope and i've seen some nice stuff.. however i went to take picture with my d40 dslr tonight and focusing this is the best photo i could get of the moon http://www.flickr.com/photos/zavoid/2267452881/ its terrible.... what am i doing wrong? i can't seem to focuse anywhere along the length of the focuser on the scope... i'm using the 1.25" t-ring adapter from the celestron site too... thanks in advance
  4. hey tom i just joined up here myself last week. I'm not far from you, up in new hope, pa on the river! welcome aboard!
  5. You build bigger and better asterisks? :insects1: telecom switches(using asterisk for one customer)
  6. yeah LOT of noise and LP on shots over 30 seconds long though.. i gotta go to my buddies place 10 miles away where there is very little visible LP at night
  7. yeah noticed that too late all fixed now! thanks for that
  8. I don't get my telescope till friday but it was a really clear night tonigh so i setup some shots on my tripod out side.. not too bad results but lots of light polution right outside my house and i think my focus feels off to... these photos will all be in my night sky set on flickr.. http://flickr.com/photos/zavoid/sets/72157603778165058/
  9. hi astroman! i'll be in glendale AZ in sepetmber for astriskcon(asterisk development trade show) whats the weather like then?
  10. yeah i got the added fun of being a mac user i found this http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=1044 over at cloudy nights for mac specific software with webcams and such(gonna pick up a cheapo firewire one) its a bit outdated but it should work.... looking through all the software now i do know my d40 has a very good screen.. so we'll see if need somthing else.. reports to follow in the next 7 days or so(scope should be arriving between wed and friday this week)
  11. Ok one lastish thing.. So i'm getting confused by this DSLR focusing thing. do i need software and DSLR focuser to actually focus? I can't actually zoom/inout(eye pieces) when i have my camera attached right?
  12. one last question(lol last question yeah right ) so how do i tell or estimate how long to leave my scope out at night in the winter before it gets aclimated(right word?) to the outside tempature?
  13. haha bout 50 mins north of philly on the delaware river.. i just found there was a large private observatory near me(2 miles) as well.. www.soleburymountain.com kinda crazy i had no idea!.. my wife has gone to intercourse(bad pun here?), pa a few times.. has the keychain etc etc
  14. gosh darn your all friendly here! HI ALL!! :wave: :wave: :wave:
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