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  1. Was observing this last night with the 200p and 8.8mm eyepiece, it was the stand out feature last night as the shaddow was so black.
  2. My Obsy is a shade under 8 foot x 6 foot and it is OK with my 200p but it can be quite close to the walls in certain positions, certainly couldn't go any bigger in the Newtonians.
  3. Try running the sensor analysis tool and it should give you the exact figure for unity gain for your camera.
  4. I believe the 4Gb buffer is to allow for slower computers on USB2 and prevent dropped frames/subs.
  5. Watching with interest. How are you going to deal with sensor icing/ optical window icing?
  6. I did get suspicious when he went on to further poo on their product by saying a downside of CMOS cameras was the large amounts of data created. I found this odd when he was showing SX's 3 pre-production CMOS cameras.
  7. Changing the direction of this thread slightly, I was talking to the guy on the SX stand about the competition and he said that the Asi1600 cameras have dark frames subtracted on camera so the data that arrives on your laptop isn't actually RAW data but already has dark frame subtracted to limit the amp glow. Can't find it mentioned anywhere on the web. If true it seems a bit sneaky.
  8. andyboy1970

    Hi all!

    Welcome to SGL Vicki. (Andy from UK Cloud magnets)
  9. Comet 46P Wirtanen and M45 on 15 Dec 18 Canon 6d + 70-200mm @ 200mm f4, 10x 30sec on a HEQ5 mount.
  10. Haven't been out proper for a while so last night I though keep it easy! Altair Hypercam 183c V2, WO Megrez 72FD, HEQ5 mount, ASi120mc guiding & CLS filter. 30x 2 minute + 15x 4 minute subs with darks & flats.
  11. I'm no expert but there is a setting that allows the computer to switch of USB ports individually. Think it is in power saving settings.
  12. This might be useful - http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/feature/how-guide/how-build-observing-chair
  13. The better the quality the lens, the more spikes until you get to a perfect lens (Your eye) has none.........
  14. If it's anything like my car it will chop power after 30 minutes. Why bother with an inverter? It is an inefficient way to power things- a) The mount is most likely rated for 11-15volts DC. b) The laptop likely requires 12 to 19volts depending on model/make. c) Inverters incur losses with heat etc. I use one of these for my laptop - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lavolta-Panasonic-Cf-aa1653a-Cf-aa1653am-Cfaa1653am/dp/B00H3ROTV4/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1535412763&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=12v+laptop+car+charger&psc=1 And power my mount fr
  15. I captured this HH back in November 2017 I know it's not the 6nM filter but just for your perusal. The Horsehead. 12 x 5 minute subs in Hydrogen Alpha. SW150p + Starlight Xpress SXV-9H + Astronomik Ha 12nM filter. False colour added.
  16. I found that as soon as PHD or anything else was in use on the laptop I got the blue screen of death! I now use my small netbook for EQMOD and guiding and my laptop (USB2) solely for capture/camera control. I always use 12 bit captures.
  17. My old 8x50 finder focuses by turning the objective end of the finder.
  18. M84 & friends_small Second attempt imaging with my Altair Hypercam 183c at a darksite 22 miles from home on Friday 20th April. WO Megrez 72FD, EQ6 & Sharpcap. 20 x 1 minute subs, no flats or darks used. Plate solved in Astrometry shows that the image contains - Abell 1527,NGC 4354,NGC 4407,NGC 4443,IC 3224,IC 3233,IC 3246,IC 3279,IC 3333,IC 3349,IC 3363,IC 3388,HD 107636,HD 107827,HD 107888,HD 108285,HD 107826,HD 108136 HD 108009,HD 107774,HD 108262,HD 108450,HD 108091,NGC 4305,NGC 4306,NGC 4351,NGC 4374,NGC 4387,NGC 4388,NGC 4402,NGC 4406,NGC 4413,NGC 4
  19. Have a read here - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/uv-ir-filters/astronomik-proplanet-807-ir-pass-filter.html I have the 742 version and it does make a big difference.
  20. I ran my old SXV-H9 on windows 7 & 8 no problems.
  21. I have found here in Northants that the LED lights have improved the LP situation and most LP is coming from industrial units with misdirected lighting. The best nights to get an idea are misty nights when you can see the light beams.
  22. I don't use GIMP but if it's like photoshop there is an info window you can open and it gives you the value of the pixels where your mouse pointer is.
  23. I believe Sir Patrick Moore had one of these with a 5 inch refractor on it.
  24. I used Sharpcap Polar routine and got the errors down to 1" on each axis. Pointing at the pole and rotating the RA confirmed it was good as the stars all streaked in line with the reticle circle on screen on long exposure. PHD2 however keeps going on about DEC backlash and has done so on both my mounts, I find the original PHD guides far better without complaining!
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