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  1. xkjimmy

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    Hi James (great name!) Many thanks for the reply. It certainly is useful to me. I do tend to go in to things and spend before I know anything about it.. I shall buy the book though, it does look as if it will give me a greater idea of what I want to image. At the moment I think it it is just better shots of the moon, maybe some planets too. Many thanks again, James.
  2. xkjimmy


    Thanks I was quite surprised how it came out. I forgot to add the exif data too. F number - f8 Exposure time - 1/200 ISO - 100 The metering was set to spot. James
  3. Hi all, Just joined. A great website you have here, some fantastic images too. I have been into photography for some time now, only recently I have had a serious camera, a Nikon D300s, with a 55-300 zoom I captured a photo of the moon which I was quite pleased with. This gave me the itch to do more. I've started to look into different telescopes and adaptors to fit on to my Nikon. I seem to get more confused by the minute, not knowing what I'm looking for. I did come across this though Telescope House Skywatcher Explorer 130M 130mm f/900 Motorised Newtonian Anyone know if this is any good? Many thanks James.
  4. xkjimmy

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    Many thanks for the welcome guys
  5. xkjimmy


    Hi all, Just joined, I recently bought a Nikon D300s. It has a 55-300 lens. On sunday the sky was quite clear here so thought I would try my first moon photo, I was quite happy with the outcome, it was hand held too. Moon 2 by 635djimmy, on Flickr Im looking at buying a telescope and adaptor soon when I know what I'm looking for. James.
  6. xkjimmy

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    Hi all, New member here from the UK. At the moment, I have a Nikon D300s, Im looking to start doing some Astrophotography, just need to think of what telescope to buy.... I was recommended this site, there are some fantastic photos on here and some great information. James.
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