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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, I guess its AZ4 mount I need!
  2. Would I be able to use a Startravel 102 on a basic camera/binocular tripod?
  3. Its actually at my mum's place and won't be up there for a couple of weeks but will do when I can.
  4. Actually you have me guessing. I'm not entirely sure what tripod I have(!?)
  5. Thanks for the info. Guess I'll have purchase the Skymax with the tripod.
  6. I have a Skywatcher 130 on a EQ2 tripod and I want to upgrade to a Skymax 127. I was just wondering if I just buy the scope without a tripod will I be able to mount it on my EQ2 tripod using the same mounting plate?
  7. Ah! Never noticed that calender of events before, that very handy. I'll keep an eye on that! Wherever I end up it would have to be in close proximity to a pub or village though as I don't drive and would have to buy my grub on location.
  8. One preferably with camping facilities and easy transport links by train if possible.
  9. Ah! I think I can see where my confusion is coming from. Where you talk about locking screws and adjusting screws Im confusing that with the screws that hold the back plate on and the adjusting screws, I don't recall seeing any locking screws(?) Unfortunately my scope is kept at my mums and I can't check it right now.
  10. I think I need to be shown to actually fully understand. :s
  11. Thanks for the pointers but Im still confused about the screw business. I loosen some screws, its looks collimated. I tighten the screws to finish which then causes it to become uncollimated again. Bear in mind I'm not really sure what I'm doing so there is a small chance it may not even need collimating but the point remains, if Im loosening screws they then have to be retightened which puts the mirror back in exactly the same position as when I started. (??)
  12. I had a go at collimating mine yesterday and it ended in a dilemma. After turning one of the screws at the back of the scope it all seemed aligned nicely but, shouldn't the screws be retightened afterwards? I had to loosen one of them to collimate so to tighten it would just make it uncollimated again. *confused*
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