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  1. They show these videos a billion times on NASA TV each time a shuttle goes up. They're pretty neat!
  2. I can't really answer your question as I don't know the answer but from what I see, that's a pretty awesome image. Great quality and colour
  3. Hello again, This question is for those who use the Canon Rebel T3i (600D) for the previous similar models. I've been testing the exposure times and only on the manual setting is where you can have exposures greater than 30 seconds using the bulb exposure. Doing this I'll need to keep my finger on the button holding it down which is a very bad thing from what many astrophotographers say about vibrations ruining the picture, and the fact that it is just simply irritating. Is there any setting I am missing where I can press once and then press a second time after a long exposure? I've read that
  4. Awesome images you have there, it's great you can see the polar ice cap on Mars!
  5. Great picture! It started too late and was unable to watch this time. Just before the sun came up
  6. *Studies and takes notes* I may have to do this for my C11 one day. Do you only need to collimate if you take the secondary mirror off? I plan in the future to try the f/2 imaging out and although in the book it says no collimation is needed when the mirror is put back in but just a wonder? Should I only collimate if I see the objects in the EP off shape?
  7. Time didn't exist before the big bang nothing did. Which means that nothing created it because they would need time to do so when time hadn't start. A theory of Stephen Hawkings describes how sub atomic particles behave and when the universe was that time it could have behaved in a similar way, being against all laws of science and physics where the creation of the universe simply just happened.
  8. I've never seen this before either. But looks cool
  9. Lol that's a good one :-) --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=43.698888,-79.788609
  10. A simple question... My first object was Aldebaran, a bright summer star but only used for focusing and alignment. It was my first object in my EP and after coming into focus I was still amazed by the size, brightness and quality in the EP. It was my first star and still use it as a guide star for alignment. What was the first object you saw in your telescope and what was your expression?? --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=43.698877,-79.788627
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