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  1. Many thanks. I've worked it out. Got a few brain cells working!
  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I download the software on the site below? It looks very technical! I'm on W1.8. https://greatattractor.github.io/imppg/
  3. I was recently told aboout ROI. O never thought about that! 'll try it once the damn clouds g away. What's IMPPG?
  4. Looks good! Where did you get the tubes from?
  5. Hi all, I've made a pretty rough dew shield out of a yoga mat, which I also used last night to try to block an annoying LED street light - it's shielded but still bright. There seemed to be strange clouding in my images, which change a little in each sub. I wondered if there was still some light getting in and reflecting as the mat isn't black. Has anyone made a cheap but sturdy black dew shield who could give me some pointers? It's for a SW 200P. Many thanks. Alexxx
  6. Many thanks all. I did finally get it to focus. I was rushing in as my PST is so easy. I should have used an EP first, to get the pressure tuning right and see what activity there was. I did this on an 8mm EP. It worked well. I was advised to remove the EP holder from the filter diagonal and attach the cam directly to the diagonal. This worked well although I had to pull the diagonal a little way out of its holder, which I was also advised to do. I can get focus with a 3x Barlow well now, but the exposure setting has to be pushed so far up in SharpCap that the frame rate drops down to pra
  7. Thanks. It was with a camera. Even visual I couldn’t see any activity. I’ve been reading many posts about not being able to achieve focus without adapters, extension tubes and even in one case, elastic bands! It’s ridiculous that my old PST performs much better. I’m very disappointed. Waiting for a reply from Tring Astro
  8. I need advice on my Lunt LS50TH alpha B600. I tried it out yesterday and wasn’t impressed. I’m prepared to believe it’s user error! It wouldn’t focus with my ASI120MC cam. It wouldn’t even focus with the 2X Barlow. It only just focused with the 3X Barlow. There was just not enough inward travel. This is the more expensive model that’s supposed to be suitable for photography. I couldn’t see any granulation even turning the pressure tuner to its full extent both ways. I couldn’t see any prominences at all, but it could have been that the Sun was very quiet. My old Coronado PST can fo
  9. Is this still for sale? Can it be used for mounting a DSLR on a ball-head joint and a finder-guider? Alex
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