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    Lover of all things astro, my family and friends (for their tolerance as much as anything!), science, reading, music, snakes, anything with an exoskeleton and anything/anyone that makes me laugh!
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  1. Thank you so much! Would it annoy you if I ask you any more questions I might have?
  2. Thanks Dave. I'm still trying to find a tutorial for IMPPG that I understand! Can you help?
  3. I've seen IMPPG but it all looks very complicated and written in quite high techie speak - for me anyway! Is there anyone who can help me create a GIF animation with this software?
  4. Thank you. I can't see solar disk mode in AS2. I used Surface only.
  5. I want to do a GIF movie of a succession of solar prominences captures. I've done this before but it's extremely arduous lining up all the stills to get as seamless a movie as possible, but there's always flicker etc. I process the images beforehand. Is there a GIF movie maker that lines up the images and creates a seamless movie? Alexxx
  6. What about the Heart or Pacman nebulae?
  7. Please can you recommend good OIII targets? Alexxx
  8. Thank you! I have an OIII filter but have not yet used it.
  9. EDIT: no longer wanted as I've bought one. Hi all, Does anyone have one of these they’re selling? Alex
  10. Sounds great. This? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simeis_147 EDIT: hmmm, too low on the horizon at the mo.
  11. I've imaged quite a number of Ha nebulae and am running out of choices! Can anyone suggest something a bit odd? Alexxx
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