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  1. Incidently, where is this farm. Just forward planning for those elusive long indian summer nights.
  2. Ok so its the non-zero values that the Higgs Potential takes ie the values corresponding to these oscillations that gives the mass... One thing I need to understand is the two possible motions Motion 1 - Radial Oscillations(up and down) to and from from the brim of the Mexican hat. Does this correspond to Particles with Mass? Motion 2 - Circular Rotation around the minimum (base) of the Mexican hat. Does this correspond to Massless Particles?
  3. Superb image. Never seen a ground based image taken of a moon transit before. Hats off to you for raising the bar
  4. I'm intrigued in the origins of how this superstition was concocted up. Whenever somebody gets new kit they need to apologise in advance for cloudy nights. How did all this come about [1] via Sense of Humour\Wit [2] via some famous historical event\incident [3] via Bad Sport'smanship\Envy [4] other reason
  5. You might find this interesting BBC News - Supermassive black hole will 'eat' gas cloud "Researchers have spotted a giant gas cloud spiralling into the supermassive black hole at our galaxy's centre."
  6. I like that answer, but quantized implies discrete does it not, is there room for smooth functions. Waves could be continuous mathematically. Are string vibrations, discrete or smooth?
  7. Any project needs a business case in order to get funding. I would be intrigued to reading the business case for LHC, via Freedom of Information. I'm all for this programme and I think it will write new chapters in Physics TextBooks... Thats what science is all about ...
  8. Fascinating programme on now on BBC about LDV, recreating some of his experiments ~500\600 years later and actually finding they work. Brilliant documentary about a legendary visionary. Its all relevant to maths\physics\science and astronomy in the broader sense. The parachute test was fascinating ...
  9. Interesting that an Astrophysics question has got responded via AstroChemistry and AstroBiology, or even AstroBioChemistry if that.
  10. Ok what if I rephrased to String Vibrations...Would I now get a response?
  11. BBC News - LHC: Higgs boson 'may have been glimpsed' Going back in time in the VERY EARLY Universe, when the Temperature of the universe was equivalent in Energy to 124-125 gigaelectronvolts (GeV), what other particles would have been in the particle soup with the Higgs Boson and what would the interactions have been?
  12. Well I told them that they were observing Jupiter and the 3 Galilean Moons that night, which were roughly under a billion km away from the Sun and roughly 100 to 250 degrees more colder than here on Earth. That chilling answer put observation back into perspective. So a woolly hat, gloves and scarf and hot flask will add to the fun of night sky viewing. As long as it stays dry and the dew settles very very slowly over the winter months and most importantly, clear skies.
  13. My kids asked me, "Dad, is it always going to be this cold?" Had a great clear night tonight, but my kit started to dew up after several hours... So as x-mas draws in, what can I expect over the last few weeks of 2011 [1] More Clearer, More Colder, Wetter Nights [2] More Clearer, More Colder, Drier Nights [3] Less Clearer, More Colder, Wetter Nights [4] Less Clearer, More Colder, Drier Nights [5] Other
  14. Showed my kids Jupiter and its Galilean Moons tonight. Youngest were in awe, eldest was more interested in X Factor. That's teenagers for you Then the dew took over, so now its Stellarium and CDC indoors.
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