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  1. After a very clear day, the night proved to be quite good with naked eye limiting magnitude of about 5. I thought I would look for some of the Messier objects in the Virgo super cluster as most of the NGC listed galaxies are too faint for a 6" SCT. So I managed to see M49, M58, M59, M60, M61, M84, M86, M87, M89 and M90. By this time Virgo was disappearing behind my neighbours trees to the south, so I had a trawl through the Canes Venatici region as it was almost overhead, and saw NGC 4228 and 4244, M106, M3, M51, M63 and M94. To complete a beautiful evening I looked at M81 and M82 just being a
  2. I find that adding a drop of spring water to the single malt helps reduce this problem to a manageable level.
  3. Hi and welcome from south west France. So did you simply put the iPhone up to the eyepiece and press the shutter? Can you adjust exposure time on an iPhone? Not bad at all if that is all you did!
  4. Hi and welcome from cloudy and WET south west France.
  5. Nos da Kev. Rydym yn gobeithio y bydd eich awyr bob amser yn glir.
  6. Hi and welcome from south west France.
  7. Nosivad

    Hello everyone

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  8. Hi and welcome from south west France.
  9. Viewing not as clear as last night but less cloud. M81 and M82 were both superb but M51 was not as clearly defined as last night. Waited for Lyrids but clouded up so came inside.
  10. Had to wait until it appeared from behind a neighbour's tree but with 8mm hyperion and x1.6 barlow saw definite banding on the disc but cannot definitely say I saw Cassini division. At periods of good viewing( by this time it was over neighbour's roof !) there was a hint but maybe just wishful thinking. Because of its low position and trees to my immediate south I suppose I won't see it any better this time round.
  11. Hi, come back in as it has clouded up here. Saw 1 sporadic and 1 possible Lyrid. The latter appeared beautifully in my line of sight as I was watching a fairly bright polar orbiting satellite heading north. It was quite slow moving for a meteor and had an orange tail as it burned out. Observed other things which I will post in relevant sections. Night night all!
  12. Just to hack you off totally---- clear and calm here in south west France. Telescope's been out for 2 hours to equalise temperature. Will report back later. TTFN
  13. I had heard that the meteors were going to bypass Swindon this year after a poor reception last time round!
  14. I'm a bit late but have joined in now. When will the next one be? Hey, I quite like being a bond villain!
  15. Does that mean you can't remember when it wasn't raining?
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