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  1. right so thats why the scope is so cheep in the memebers for sale section. Cheers
  2. Whats this wisely chosen one called?
  3. i play golf to, another expensive hobby
  4. lol. so do people have one set up for imiging and a different scope for just viewing
  5. nice one coliea, I was looking at mars lastnight with the help of this forum and a laptop and bins. Good stuff keep it up
  6. Was out last night with the bins, first time i have been out, in the back garden. looking up at mars. Our fence is quite low but the fence the other side of that is big but with holes in. anyways looking up over our house top and the block 2 doors down came out to go to his car and i got a weird look off him. I mean if i was outside with a telescope i think i would be less self consouse then been out with bins. Anyone else feel like that? How do you get over it?
  7. Thank you. Yeah and his security light came on too, spoiling it all. yeah he didnt say anything but it felt a bit weird
  8. cheers AlexG did what you said saw betelgeuse then saw the belt took a bit of time for the night vision to kick in to see the other line of stars, then i saw what you said, but not very clear, hopefully when i get my 10x25 this will show that smudge better. then my neighbour came out giving me a funny look.
  9. Thank you, i was right yey spotted my first planet can see it bettr with my eyes then the bins im using though. still exciting stuff. Whats the chances of seeing saturn with naked eye tonight?
  10. Just been out in the garden with my rubbish 10x25 bins while im waiting for my others, took my laptop out so i could use stellarium. Having a bit of trouble finding my way around, but will i be seeing mars with the naked eye or im i confusing ti with either capella aldebaran or betelgeuse? i can see the little plough but that to me is further to my right than it should be . The more i was out side the more stars appeared to me. sounds silly but wow you dont notice it till you really look
  11. cheers helen that link answers everything, thanks. will take me some time to save up for that
  12. ok, i know its a open question. but if you were starting out, in this, what should a realistic minimum budget be ? I take it that you would have to consentrait on one type either planetry or deep sky? or is there a middle ground. again i dont really know what im talking about.
  13. im ordering the book from amazon turn left at orion, and i have that free softwere. do i need a plansphere and star map? If so can you recommend me them and where to buy from
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