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  1. yes, I was very impressed, and relieved! it's an ETX 105.
  2. Just heard from BC&F and my scope is being returned tomorrow . They've put in a new RA motor which apparently has done the trick. The RA was out by 2 hours and there was some grease on the incoder. A bit meaningless to me but the important this is that it'll be home soon. Phew
  3. I've made an appointment with my local representative and will keep you informed.
  4. humph. There's no mention of that law in the instruction book -- do you think it's worth a claim?
  5. Many thank's Steve -- what a diagram! I couldn't have hoped for a more useful reply.
  6. scope has been collected now.....meep...... maybe for the first time ever I will be pleased to see the clouds! Will look forward to all your seeing reports in the meanwhile.
  7. Mulberry


    Hi Jed A rather belated welcome to the forum -- i've only just seen your posting. I'd be particularly interested in talking to you some more since we have the same scope. I'm in Liverpool (although spend a lot of time in your part of the world) where we have pretty badly light polluted skies. Without car at the moment, I can't leave my garden, or my neighbour's security light!) but have had some great views nonetheless. I'd be interested in comparing them. What do you find particularly rewarding to view through the scope? Have you bought any extra eyepieces or other kit yet? I look forward very much to hearing from you...
  8. Well you lot have done a good job in convincing a novice that I need a 32 to add to my somewhat meager collection (a 20mm and a 26mm -- both Meade super ploss). My scope is about to be collected for repair ( ) so I might invest as an eventual welcoming home present for it. I'm assuming (with very little knowledge I hasten to add) that a 32 is preferred because of a wide fov at a lower magnification (for example my view of the pleiades last night, one of my favourite things to look at, was really too close/highly magnified) with my current eye ps. So, the inevitable question, which 32 to people recommend? I'm using an ETX 105. I used a light pollution filter for the first time last night and it really did make a difference on the nebulosity in the orion neb (although thanks to next door's security light, it was like viewing with a mag light 20 cm from my eyes). Maybe another forum on preferred filters would be useful? ahhh, have since discoverd that the filter conversation is already taking place. Thoughts on what 32mm to go for would still be welcomed though...
  9. Hi all. Well the good news is that we've just had the first clear night in Liverpool that I have been able to take advantage of in weeks and weeks. I had a most enjoyable couple of hours looking all over the sky; saturn, mars, orion neb and an irregular galaxy that I knew I should have written down! The bad news is my scope confirmed that it is certainly under the weather -- it was jumping and jerking instead of slewing, pointing 180 degrees out sometimes and finally the autostar just crashed. The mixed new is that it is being collected for repair tomorrow. Whilst it will be a huge relief to have it back in working order (eventually) I can't quite face the idea of not having it to hand. A good time to read and use starry night I suppose.....
  10. I'm definitely interested in coming! Having never used my scope in non-light polluted skies it is a very exciting prospect. I might try posting a pic of my neighbours (in)security light just to amuse you (I swear the thing is giving me a sun tan even through the walls). Speaking of other halves, does anyone have advice on how to convince my non-astronomically minded better one to spend a night in a cold tent in the middle of winer?
  11. Thanks T4U and Greg! Where/when is the star party you mentioned T4U?
  12. Thank you all for your Meade support -- I signed off a little dispondant last night but your positive comments are most reassuring. Other than the problems mentioned, I have been extremely pleased with my Meade scope and still hope for clear skies every night.
  13. ah, sorry t4u, just looked at your website!
  14. 35 scopes!!! are you a shop or do you have a huge observatory?
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