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  1. Thx for the tip about the astrobuysell site, I have just had a quick look and it looks very useful. Many thx Blackos
  2. It might help if I give a brief outline of what I hope to achieve. Ideally, it would be nice to view the shapes of galaxies and nebulae plus good detail on planetary objects such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. I have tried to keep the budget low as a beginner so have avoided GoTo in an effort to keep costs minimal. If I have to increase my budget to get a scope powerful enough for my ideal viewing I would rather spend the increased budget only on the scope and not motorisation etc.
  3. Thx for the advice. If I could ask another question, are the beginner scopes such as an 8" Dobsonian powerful enough the see deep space object outlines such as galaxies? Or, are more powerful scopes required for that beyond the beginner level/budget.
  4. Hi, Would anyone please be able to advise a total novice what type of telescope and ancillary equipment I could realistically get for a budget of £400 if I am looking at used equipment. My logic is to try to get used equipment in the hope that I will get more for my money than buying brand new. From reading the forum it seems that possibly a Dobsonian telescope offers good value and perhaps some type of motorised movement for the scope but not GoTo. I am hoping that 8" 2nd user telescopes might be available within budget? Any advice most appreciated. Thx Blackos
  5. Thx for the replies, scope definitely needed then, sounds like Saturn is a joy to view. Out of interest when is Saturn next viewable to a good degree in the Southern UK? Thx Blackos
  6. How easy is it to add motorisation to the Dobsoniam mount at a later stage? Or if budget permits would it be preferable to get the motorisation included in the specificiation of any telescope (Dobsonian & Non Dobsonian) at purchse rather than as an after market add on? Thx Blackos
  7. Hi, With the current excellent visibility of Jupiter in the Southern UK what type of magnification is needed to get a reasoably distinct view of the rings? As a newbie without a telescope I have been using a pair of low magnification binoculars and think that I can possibly just get a faint outline but possibly wishful thinking on my part? Thx Blackos
  8. Hi There, Just a quick hello from Watford before night out on the lash and a gaze at the stars on the way home. Must be the town lights but all the stars seem blurry and difficult to see every Saturday night.
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