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  1. Super, thanks so much for everyone's help and the amount of time you have spent on me, it's very much appreciated. Adam
  2. Hi, My final question seems to be going against all the advice I received, but can anyone give me their opinion of this First Light Optics - Skywatcher Explorer 130M Would this be easier for her to use as it's motorised? (in terms of locating objects) I appreciate the comment about getting her to look through a few scopes and see what she likes and I might have to do that before I decide what to get.
  3. Hi, Thanks all the brilliant advice, especially the things I would not have thought of like clothing. Final question, sorry for the lack of knowledge here, but if I go for the Dobsonian 150p, what does it sit on? It is clearly different from telescopes that use tripods, does it just sit on a flat surface like a table? I have no clue how large or heavy this telescope is. Warm regards, Adam
  4. Hi, Wow thanks for the fast reply everyone, I really appreciate it. Looks like it's going to be the 150p then mark7331 - Thanks for those links I'll head over to FLO now and take a look. After I give her this at Xmas I'll make sure she comes here and says hi. Thanks again! Adam
  5. Hello Forum, I'm Adam, nice to meet you all. I am trying to find a telescope for my Wife, but I have no idea what to get or where to even start. I have a friend of a friend who told me there is no substitute for aperture and I need a minimum 13cm parabolic mirror... This means nothing to me... I really don't want to waste my money, my budget is around £200, my Wife has never touched a telescope in her life. I think I have found 2 that might be suitable for backyard star gazing, please would you mind taking a look at these links and tell me what you think? I would really appreciate it! Ok, so
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