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  1. Just wondered if anyone had seen this, i looked and couldnt see any posts regarding it so thought i would post it: There is a scientific reason for it here, but either way its quite interesting and could easily be assumed that its a 'ship' of some kind Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near Mercury | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News What do you guys think?
  2. Great find!! I remember when i first found a galaxy, i phoned everyone i knew and told them
  3. My area has its own micro climate due to the hills around us (up north, near kielder), so i can look at all the sat weather reports i want but if they say its clear then it could just as easily be pouring down...the price i pay for dark skies i suppose Great image there russ.will
  4. I totally agree with this comment, my first scope was a 60mm celestron refractor and i loved it even if it was a basic scope. Enjoy your scope and all you see with it
  5. Would be nice to see someone on here get a simalar image
  6. Hi Ken, welcome to SGL, i am also from northumberland and near kielder
  7. As long as the snow doesnt stick then i shall welcome clear skies
  8. Great links, thanks. Boomarked and safe and ready for use, now i need to see the sky and not the clouds for a change
  9. Glad you perservered, it as worth it in the end
  10. staryeyes

    Hi All

    Welcome to SGL Steve Mark.
  11. Welcome to the forums Jay, a place where everyone loves to help, no question too big or too small Enjoy your stay Mark.
  12. A nice shot with plenty of detail, i like your reasoning for going mono too, makes perfect sense Mark
  13. Great shot John, some nice nebulosity! Mark.
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