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  1. I've just sold my Celestron 127 SLT Mak. It was a great first goto scope, but my son (aged 8 soon) is ready for the next level. A mixture of astrophotography (DSOs preferably) and visual. My local specialist steered me away from HEQ5Pro or HEQ6 mounts, and steered me towards a Celestron 6SE. This is on the basis that we sometimes have clear skies for short period here, and the 127 Mak is about the quickest goto scope to setup and even that was a painm, so having to pick up something 5 times the weight, polar align it, then three star align it. Well, I can see what he's saying. He says the 6SE is a good next step, and some photography will be possible using a focal reducer. The 8SE is a leap up in weight, and he said as soon as we go to that money, the Celestron CPC range with its dual forks would be the logical next step. Your advice would be appreciated. And if anyone's selling a 6SE I'd be interested. I am a little worried that it won't be much of a leap from the 127MAK.
  2. Thanks. is the limiting factor likely to be weight or size, and what sort of money should I be paying for one ?
  3. I was wondering whether the goto AZ mount that I have with my Celestron 127 MAK could take an alternative OTA, and if so upto which size/weight ?
  4. The grassy knoll. Or Tunguska. Actually not at Tunguska, but near enough
  5. I may try an 11 day exposure on my 127 Mak. But not holding my breath
  6. I think that the idea that we are alone in the universe we've discovered to date is far more ridiculous than the alternative.
  7. I don't understand the reasoning behind the following statement ? If we were a water world and dolphins and whales dominated they could not develop technology.
  8. I think he's excellent and is bringing the next generation of enthusiasts and scientists into the fold.
  9. which version of Windows are you using ?
  10. I'm using both - the webcam and the software, but not sure how I'm supposed to focus.
  11. Anyone in Kent wanting to share and compare eyepieces ? Ooh look at me asking you to look at my etchings :-)
  12. SBGemini I wondered how you found the Hyperion Zoom with the 127 SLT ? I have the SLT and considered buying the zoom as my son is sick of only seeing Jupiter and the moon, but I would appreciate your view on what changed when you got it
  13. Ditto Ramjo. I managed the moon by sticking my phone camera against the eyepiece
  14. I think GoTo is useful for people with very short viewing windows because of weather, and people like me with young kids who wouldn't have the patience to wait for their dad to spend 50 minutes trying to find the moon :-) Because you sacrifice optics to pay for the GoTo mechanism you are likely at low budgets to find yourself with a GoTo capable of finding 10s of 1000s of objects but incapable of seeing them
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