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  1. yes barkis all ready for me tobreak fit into a tube m8?? :insects1: if it was around or under £100 it would be worth having a go methinks
  2. most inspirational any of you knowledgeable chaps know a ballpark figure for a primary 8" mirror and a secondary to suit?? cheers
  3. Sounds like a good project within my means can i ask what site did you get the BAADER film from?? have fun
  4. Hi guys. some time ago i got the great advice for using a film roll case to fit my webcam to my scope's 1.25" focuser my question then is, is there another piece of "laying around the house coincidence" that will fit a 2" focuser?? Thanks Jed Oh and happy new year to you all
  5. jed

    Spinning Moon(s)

    It's a bit like the Babel fish argument. God doesn't like to leave clues lying around, so the fact that He set up the world with a moon that produces tides, perfect eclipses, and keeps one face to us all the time is such a big clue that it must mean He doesn't exist, because if He did, He wouldn't have done that. Got it? Ahhh a classic "double bluff"!!
  6. jed

    Spinning Moon(s)

    Thanks Gordon, Perhaps its just me but that seems quite a coincidence. Is it common for a planets moon to be 'tidal locked'? Thats always struck me as weird too steve, that coupled with the old moon/sun size/distance ratio giving us the perfect solar eclipse must me wonder how random it all really can be??
  7. can i ask if this can be done with starry night enthusiast 5 also?
  8. Thanks for comments guys yes Daz quite possibly as long as there was a spare everything :insects1:
  9. Friday afternoon (may 5th) I got a call from my brother in devon saying he was buying a new tent and gonna christen it that night at hope cove (30 m east of plymouth) and so inspierd by the sgl starparty i grabbed my fishing bivvy my son and my 105 and shot off to have a night of it. found the campsite about 10pm there was some sea fog in the valleys but this site was high on hill side so it wasn't an issue. First thing we obsesverd on stepping out my car was the most obvious and complete moonbow(dog?) i've ever seen and really was a sight to behold. Set up tent by headlights and soon after aligned and leveled my tripod, some big bands of cloud covered the eastern sky but was improving rapidly so i set the scope out to cool down while i warmed up with a few more layers and a wee dram or two. Ok switch on and imput date and and time 23 47 according to watch (normally ring tim from home but hoped it wouldn't matter too much) finding first star arcturus..........beep,miles out not even in finder scope but slew to center and enter, 2nd star........beep even further out but center and enter hoping it can still triangulate,try Jupiter first..beep yeah, not even close damn! So with second night battery concerns a forethought i decided to switch off and start again this time twisting the tripod more north,couldn't see north star on set up 1st time due to cloud( why does the table on top of the tripod u bolt the scope to have to be of so much metal it effcts a compass??) and this time rang tim to be sure of accurate time.so retried arcturus, closer but still out by more than usual same with 2nd star, so better alinged i retry Jupiter beep this time at the very top of FOV ok so its there that'll do brought it to center and we all had a good look (my bruv took his wife and youngest daughter also so time at the eyepiece was fairly fleeting what with calls of"let me have a look"&"do u wan't another one jed?) but what i saw of Jupiter was very nice 4 moons and banding where clearly made out and looked bigger than i'de observed it last month. A quick sqwizz at the moon followed with some lovely detail along the terminator no filters so became sore on the eye viewing too long. So nip across to Saturn fantastic hanging there like a mobile,can make out cassini div and some banding with averted gaze(all obsevations were made with the supplied 26mm possil and a 2xbarlow) beautiful as usual, Then off to m13 a bit disapointing at first glance but with a wipe of the lens(dew was a real prob and i fogot my dew sheild :insects1:) a tweek on the focus and longer at the eyepiece the view was very pleasing and as my sister in law(also newbie obsever) told my unimpressed niece "it's much more impresive when you know what you are looking at" same thing with m3 my sis in law saw a meteor burn up across the fov whilst viewing this and jumped around shouting "YES RIGHT ACROSS M3" until we reminded her it was just after 2:30am and the rest fo the campsite probably thought she was giving directions to some one actually in basingstoke without a phone lol. Then we had a look at the ring nebular (first look) and i think i could make out a dark dot at the center with averted gaze gonna have to try different eyepiecs on that and see what i can see. Dew was a real prob by 3am so we took scope down and tucked the kids up and sat viewing thru bino's ,just got the £15 bresser 10x50's from lidl's (from thread on here) and was very impressed with the quality to expense ratio, matched my sis in law's £100+(can't remember make) pair easily. Just before we finished up i saw a huge meteor flash going thru hercules(?) toward cassiopia a good hand span and a bit, the tail lasted what i estimate to be about 1/2 a sec (relativley long) and looked green as it faded. All in all it was a very enjoyable session and has me eager for some more cloud free evenings. P.S Whilst attempting to get some sleep(forgot pillows :insects1:) it was bugging me why alingment was off what with Jupiter at the top of FOV when normally its spot on? and then it dawned on me that when i first got my 105 i had to enter my co-ordinates for my back garden and now i was a few degrees futher north and so Jupiter being in the south was at the top of FOV which is actuarly bottom when flipped in mirror and so had proved to myself that the earth really was round and i fell asleep with the smile of a self appointed genius 8) PP.S woke up about 8:30am and shortly after realised i'de forgot wash bags as well :insects1:smile wiped off Things forgot:- Dew shield Pillows Wash bags Buy fags Folding chairs Anything to eat off or with Anything to drink from (well i did say i was inspierd by SGL star party) Sorry if this is a bit long and boring but its my first report (not sure wether to type it up or not) but once i started.... Jed
  10. superb images tyvm hope u had a blast
  11. jed

    free stars

    Come on Caz, granted you may think the S@N mag is a bit expensive... but a star for free?? even if you lived in a shoe and didn't know what to do, you could get em 1 each??? :laugh: Jed
  12. jed

    free stars

    get em while their hot http://www.expertshopper.com/index.asp?chid=&pid=2115&schid=0 :stars: jed
  13. jed

    web cam help

    :shock: WOW :shock: tried it on a few terrestrial things and all i can say is "GO AWAY CLOUDS" cant wait to try it on saturn do you think if we all blew west at the same time we could get them over the Atlantic personally think it would be worth a try :laugh: :laugh: Jed
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