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  1. Could one use a cheap eq motor driver to run/power a camera cable dolly at sidereal ?

  2. Is armed with an ST80 dual SW 2x barlows and a astro modded lifecam hooked to his dual cored beast, Mars and saturn express docking in HDD 1 in around an hour or so, if those white fluffy things stay away !!

  3. Trying to stay up until gone 02:30am and 03:30am to view and image Mars and Saturn, Moooor Coffee !!! Moor Sugar !!!!!

  4. Modded a cheapy economy eq-1 drive motor, now the scope does not crash into it, de-soldered the motor from the PCB board and made an extension cable.

  5. ST80 + acuter Merlin goto mount = some awesome fun. just been tracking a couple stars , Procyon skipped to M48 and M67 but couldnt find them. Procyon was miles off course. just packed up got to cold but an awesome 15 mins

  6. Balsa baffle and balsa focus tube slider carved out, sanded and painted with black paint. new fat body short tube cut for my 50mm binocular lens. have a rough focal length of 200mm. perfect views of moon in a super 25 eyepiece.

  7. Off Grid power ? two 18ah 12v batterys linked to a charge controller and a soalar panel or two, my scope oly requires 2amp at 12v , so i could get roughly 12hrs none stop running from my off grid power bank ?

  8. self recording eyepiece, yup it records video at 30fps ? good idea as i have the gear to make one, usb or onboard battery powered, with usb live view function, or stand alone fire up and record camera.

  9. Need Advice, my SOLAR ASTRO film is giving me clouded/foggy images. this is happening with eyepiece and/or webcam/DSLR, my Solar film has gone a dull shiney color, important part is it SAFE to still use my soalr film filter

    1. rowan46


      I wouldnt know if it was safe to use but i wouldn't take the chance I would take any gross change in the appearance as an indication that it wasn't up to full spec and thererfore may be dangerous

  10. Stood outside waiting to see if cloud would clear up. i glace around and am face to face with a wild otter, right outside my front door just outside Norwich,england. he/she must have came from the small River Tud that backs onto the woods i live right beside. My first ever spotting of a wild otter in the flesh ever. beats the clouds and rain hands down.

    1. tingting44


      :)!! HEY TAM!!! :D im here to pester you now instead of on MSUK loooool :D

  11. Captured Unsual object crossing moons path last night @ 00:22.13s (BST) 15 FPS recording and shows in only 13 frames. how do i stack it to show clear object in registax

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