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  1. Hi Steve and welcome from another newbie
  2. I keep ours in the shed along with the eyepieces so they are nearly always not far off the outside temp, that way I can get them out and use at short notice (when the clouds go!!)
  3. To the begining of the universe. Oh and to make sure Jedwood and Justin Bieber's parents never met!!!
  4. It's driving me nuts down here, I'm spending more time with the bins than the scope, there is only so many times the scope can come out and be put away in one night!!
  5. Very nice, great pictures, easy navigation and overall a very good site, well done. I've put it into favorites so I can keep coming back.
  6. Looked out and saw the moon and it was clear, put the scope up ready for when it got dark!! ......................................... just put it away again. Oh well I'll have to spend the rest of the night listening to the constant ring of the door bell!
  7. that's over half of what I paid for my house!!!!!!!!
  8. 560 miles!! only kidding, from Essex to the Isle of Mull, Scotland, off up to my parents tonight for a few days and taking the scope with us. I just know those damn clouds are going to follow me!!
  9. Thanks for these, I had the Astro file manager already on my phone and all of these downloaded and work fine on my Wildfire!
  10. Nice shot, gives me hope with my compact when the clouds behave!!
  11. cabby


    Here's hoping tonight is better! last night what with fireworks, neighbours putting all their outside lights on, 2 doors up lighting a bonfire right under Jupiter!! and then the cloud came
  12. I've had a power pack for many years mainly for when I go on long fishing sessions to run phone etc. My battery died not long ago but was nearly 15yrs old!!! If it's used and charged regulary it should last a long time. I like you was gutted, this one came from Maplins and has 2x 12v, 3,6,9v sockets as well which you don't get anymore. Just bought a 12v 7.2ah battery from Maplins instead of the 12ah one it had as I don't use it for jump starting. My cases just split when I removed the screws and the battery was just soldered to the 2 wires. It's now reborn and so much lighter!!
  13. Hi John, yes that is the plan but I will use the original EQ3 as much as poss as well.
  14. I'm new to all of this also, but from reading post's on the forum most people seem to put the scope outside a few hours before use. I keep ours in the shed so it can come out and be used straight away as it's roughly at the same temp as outside.
  15. cabby


    Please be gentle as I'm new and probably about to make an idiot of myself, but went into the kitchen to make a cuppa looked outside and it's clear!! got the bins out and had a look at Jupiter and Plaides out to the east. As I was getting myself familiar with my star map in this area I spotted 4 meteors in the space of about 10 sec's, was I looking in the right place? If it wasn't it was still pretty awesome to see so many in a short space of time
  16. We have just bought a second hand Celestron Astromaster 130 for our son from Ebay. It came with a 10mm & 20mm ep and a few extra's like a x2 Barlow,moon filter,compass,red light torch,sky maps etc for £99. I waited for someone to be local to us as didn't want the scope to be sent by courier etc. Also if it's along way from you fuel costs come in to it and you could be spending what a new scope costs!! We also bought a Nextstar Goto mount for £100 as well from Ebay, so for not alot of money he should (and us!!) be occupied for some time.
  17. I've just installed it today, but haven't had a chance to play as yet!!
  18. hemihaggis strontian is the place !!!! if the sky is clear i dont think there are many better places .... anywhere !! When we go to my parents we always go to Lochaline to get the ferry to Fishnish. They are on the NW side of Mull at Achleck and it is soooooo dark there!
  19. cabby


    It was supposed to be cloudy here tonight but is totally clear, I may have to have a look later.
  20. Hope you get clear skies next week, we are all off to my parents on the Isle of Mull next week for a few days and my boys new scope is coming with us. I can't wait to use it with no light pollution, it's going to be amazing!
  21. Well we had no cloud tonight and I eventually found Jupiter (the finder scope is as much use as a chocolate fireguard!!). He was amazed at Jupiter and it's moons,(and my wife and daughter).The light pollution seems very bad tonight here, it was very hard to see anything but the brightest stars so we called it a day until the next clear night. All in all I think he enjoyed it and look forward to many more, should of done this years ago!!
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