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  1. Just spoken to sales about my order and have been told the adapters will be in tomorrow!! Did say it would of been nice to have been told if there was to be a delay, seeing as they have my email and mobile no. She said accounts should of notified me of the delay, when I told her they had just sent me an email asking how I was enjoying it she was apologetic and said it should be sent tomorrow!! We shall wait and see!!
  2. explains why I got the email then, they must think it's been sent!! I'll find out in the morning. If they are having trouble it would of been nice to get at least an email saying so and not one asking how I'm enjoying my purchase!!. Just looked at them on ebay, they go by the name of Bentham Ltd (the company I believe took over Morgans) and the complaints make good reading, I did see on another thread that someone's web cam looked second hand when they recieved it and after reading some of these complaints it seems it's other things as well.
  3. been clear all day here, went to get the scope out ready to cool down and can't see a thing!! :(
  4. I've seen from other post's that the webcam's can take a while to arrive. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago but wasn't to worried as this seems about the time they take to arrive, that was until I recieved an email this morning asking me to rate my recent purchase!! Has anyone else had this and not recieved it! I've got to wait till tomorrow now to find out
  5. same here, cloud all day and now the fog is moving in
  6. I think you are right, it could be to stop it warping. Something that size made of wood would not like to much moisture or temp changes.
  7. Hi Michelle and welcome
  8. cabby

    Hi there

    Hi sully and welcome
  9. well done, I still live in hope!! If the skies are clear this weekend I'm determined to align mine correctly. I look through the finder scope for one bright star, then, in the eyepiece where did you lot come from!! By the time I find the one I'm looking for a few minutes have passed and when I finally finish alignment it's taken to long and it never works properely
  10. driving around Parliment Sq in London tonight I noticed the moon one side of Big Ben and Jupiter the other, really tempted to pull over and take a shot with my phone but don't think my passenger would of approved!!
  11. driving a black cab in London I come across these sort of people all the time and the worrying thing is most deal with our money!!
  12. Thanks for the tip AstroTux, another with the same scope and it gives me hope of what I could achieve when it arrives!
  13. glad it was ok, has made me think though as we are in the process of getting a puppy! (another female in the house!!) perhaps that idea of a 4x4 post is not such a bad idea!!
  14. great link. It does make you think, if we are that small perhaps there is other life out there, it's just that they can't see us and don't know we are here!!
  15. just looked for it and it's been removed by the seller
  16. I ordered one online on sunday and the postie hasn't been yet
  17. Thanks for that my kid's will love it. Just had a look and all I could see was cloud!!
  18. Just downloaded to my Wildfire and looks great. Great app thanks.
  19. It makes you realise just how much is out there, and how small we actually are!
  20. cabby


    Hmmm the Prada Galaxy or Versace Nebula
  21. this is probably a silly question but being new to all this I'd seen them but not taken much notice, mainly because I'd have to have 2 of each ep. Question: being at the age when the old eye's are now needing reading glasses and get tired easily would this help me more? I do find using the bins easier to look at the moon etc, and seeing them this way under a higher magnification appeals!! The wife's not gonna like it though
  22. Hi and welcome, you'll find plenty of information here and help is only a click away
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