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  1. All Hallows Church on London Wall EC2 in London has a giant glitter ball where the bell should be. They light it up at night so it shines across the city!!
  2. seems the way of the world at the moment! People can't seem to handle talking anymore, it's all email and text's!! We were off to Manchester on Sat to see our new puppy we had reserved until we got an "email" yesterday saying they were keeping one for themselves and the other 2 had gone to friends!!
  3. Oh joy!! so you sit in traffic from the end of the dual carrigeway going west in the daytime and now you'll be able to do it at night as well while they all slow down for a look!!
  4. Just plug mine into the computer and use the telescope function on Stellarium to guide it.
  5. Was hoping to have a go and use my new webcam on it, but it's hiding behind my neighbours tree!! Anyone local with a chainsaw I can borrow!!
  6. When I rang about mine on Fri last week I told them that they were being discussed on a forum by the main people who buy this product, and their name wasn't to great at the mo. I cancelled the nose piece from them last wed's and got it from elsewhere. When I rang and complained the cam hadn't arrived on Fri last week as promised, I told her I had the nose piece in front of me as I was speaking!! She seemed quite shocked that it only took 2 days to get it and after speaking to her manager said my webcam was being sent by courier that day and would I be in Mon to recieve it!! Mine turned up on the Mon by Citi Link. Now I just need clear skies to use it!!
  7. I must of been about 8, I went on a camping holiday for the whole summer hols with my Granparents in Scotland (in a split screen VW camper, if only I knew then!!) Only used bins as we couldn't afford a scope back then. Jump forward 35yrs and my own son is now 8 and luckily we can afford a scope and are enjoying it together, at 43 I should of done it before now!!
  8. thanks for the replies, I forgot about having to focus it so I would be in and out all the time. I'll try the old laptop first with only the basics on and see if it works. I don't hold out much hope though as it judders just using Stellarium!!
  9. I've just recieved my Phillips web cam and need some advice on an a usb extension lead. I know most people use their laptop's outside next to their scope but our laptop is quite old and slowwwwww! so I might use our main desktop computer for imaging. They say the longer the usb lead the less quality you will get. Most are 5m which seems to be the max optimum length, but I would need one of 10m. I have found one a 10M USB ACTIVE REPEATER EXTENSION CABLE LEAD USB2.0 which is supposed to solve the length problem. What do other people use?
  10. Well they were true to their word at last, it arrived at 9:15 this morning. Now all I need is the fog to go and no clouds so I can have a play!! Mid week is looking promising
  11. thanks for that I'll have to get one, fed up holding the torch in my mouth!! Just looked at my store in Pitsea and they are now £3:99
  12. I just went to Maplins and bought a new battery for my mine, not as big as the previous one as I don't use it for jump starting so it's a little lighter as well now.
  13. One of our collimation adjusters for the main mirror has vanished on our Celestron (little boys taking things apart!!) He know's or saw nothing and wasn't there!! Rang the importers but was told to go via a dealer which we have and now just waiting.
  14. I wish, If a jobs worth doing do it yourself!! I find an electric polishing mop (10inch) and a bit of rubbing compound does the trick or even good old T-Cut!! oh but rub it all down with a bit of 1500 wet and dry first!! lol
  15. I saw it as well last night, being a newbie and spending most of the last month looking at Jupiter I couldn't work out how I'd missed it before. It did look like another moon though.
  16. Hi Rapallokid, did my post and then saw yours, I wonder how many more people were doing the same! Only had the scope a month, so last night was the first proper use, just hope I don't have to wait weeks for another gap in the cloud! Hi Brantuk, thanks for the advice, I shall try to hang my power pack from it to see if that helps. Hi Double Kickdrum, was really amazed at M42 especially with what I could see in my small scope. Here's hoping we all get cloudless skies tonight
  17. 6 whole hours of it. and best of all no clouds!!! I've got my scope on a nexstar mount and tried yet again to align but ended up just using Jupiter for alignment so at least I could track it and play with different eyepieces. What I couldn't understand was I then told it to look for Rigel etc it was quite a way off yet if I sent it back to Jupiter there was no prob! As the wife said to me it's just a matter of time and it will all fall into place. I even connected it to Stellarium and had to fight my son off, I'm looking in the ep and it's constantly on the move!! At least I know that works. I found the Orion Nebula for the first time and that was definatley a big wow!! and learnt a few more stars to help me find my way. Just packed away, got a sore back from all that standing and a bit cold but a very happy chap. One question I seem to get alot of vibration with this mount and at high magnification it's a nightmare, I daren't breath on it. Do the rubber pads make much difference?
  18. well it's friday and you've guessed it the postie has been and no webcam as promised!! now 3 weeks!! I ordered the adapter myself from Astro Developements on wed's and it arrived this morning (great service). Just rang Morgans for the 3rd time this week and it still hasn't been sent!!!! had a few words and now it is being sent by courier for mon (we shall see!!) For anyone else still waiting for their's they say they still haven't got the adapters!! I'm begining to think they are taking our money and haven't actually got the webcams!!
  19. driving home from London tonight to Essex the moon was low and looked fantastic, not a cloud in the sky but tooooooo tired to get the scope out so the bins will have to do.
  20. just got in from work and to tired to get the scope out, typical as there's not a cloud in the sky for a change. Gonna wrap up and use the bins for an hour or so
  21. all of those years c a r p fishing at night in very dark places, lying on the bedchair with the bins just looking up. Also my son asking for a scope for his birthday, works wonders with the wife as all the stuff I buy is for him!!!
  22. just rung them to check it was sent yesterday,.................it wasn't!! said the adapters would not be in till the 18th!!!, so I'm having it sent without the adapter and I'll get it elsewhere, at least then I will have the webcam!! or will I ?
  23. looking good here tomorrow so I'll have to go to work early so I can get home at a reasonable time mind you sunday was clear all day and you can guess the rest!!
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