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    If you can use google sky map on a mobile, it will put you in the right area. It's always right on top of my chimney pot!
  2. Must of been that mince pie with chilli I left out for him!! Would love to see one of them, mind you anything would be a bonus at the moment!
  3. Nice and clear here, been with the family round friends today so knew I wouldn't be able to get the scope out Took my bins with me and got the coversation onto the stars when it was dark, got the bins out and showed them jupiter etc and even managed the ISS. Just got home and it's far to windy to get the scope out which is a shame.
  4. It will probably be clear tonight as we are at friends today!! Got all this new kit to try out and not a chance with all this cloud. As for alcohol, I shall be spending most of the night with Stella!!
  5. just made mine even better by following this: http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/165353-homemade-dew-preventer-telrad-eyepieces.html. Just need some cloudless nights to try it out
  6. having the same scope I know your frustrations with the finder scope. Just bought a Telrad and it is as good as they say so easy to use. I got mine from Modern Astronomy last week, ordered weds and here fri. Here's the link I found on here http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/167073-telrads-available-again.html
  7. having only been observing for a couple of months and getting used to my equipment has been fun at times! The red dot finder which is permanently fixed to my scope is next to useless and no matter what I called it I couldn't get it to work. I have just bought myself a Telrad for my xmas present and sneeked a use of it a couple of nights ago. All I can say is what a joy it was to use, took less than a minute to set up and align and it gave me the best observing I have done to date. No more frustration hunting constantly for what I was trying to find, most of the time it was in the eyepiece FOV. The only downer was the dew on the glass but with a home made shield and a trip to Maplins later for a couple of resistors to make a dew preventer. Here's the link to make one http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/165353-homemade-dew-preventer-telrad-eyepieces.html
  8. all my family has now moved to the darkest depths of Scotland so it will be a quiet one here with just the "War Office" and kids. If it does become clear I'll be able to sneak out over xmas. On the subject of buying the "essentials" we need for our hobby quote: "I need one of those otherwise it will not work properly!!" usually does the job I think the constant trickle of parcels I've recieved since Oct may have contributed to the cloud I'm afraid.
  9. that looks great, when I saw it It reminded me of the very early c a r p fishing bivvys from the early 80's, did a google and found this cover which may be of interest to you. FISHING UMBRELLA COVER-TENT/BIVVY,****,PIKE,COARSE,NEW. | eBay it will be more expensive but much more durable. When I had one I sewed velcro straps to the inside to attach to poles to make it more rigid which would work with your frame.
  10. Many thanks for that Daz, something to do over xmas!!
  11. used mine for the first time last night and have to agree with the others, turn the rings down so you can just see them and use both eyes. It made my viewing last night a whole better experience, the best bit of kit I have bought by far. Also my next purchase will be a heater as the dew last night was horrendous.
  12. had the same moment a few weeks back but with the scope at the end of a long session. Tonight is the first time I've managed to get some viewing time for a while and it's all set up and ready waiting for it to clear my neighbours tree
  13. a set of wire cutters could be helpfull!! those magpies like shiny cable and have strong beaks you know!!!
  14. we don't get a problem with xmas lights, there are a few around here but not to close to us to make it a nuisance. On the other hand a neighbour behind us has just installed a 500w security light which points at all our houses. It wouldn't be to bad but they've just taken it out the box and fitted it without adjusting the sensors. It is coming on constantly even with a slight breeze and keeping my kids awake at night, not to mention what it does for for seeing with the scope!! They shall be getting a polite note through the door tomorrow.
  15. with all these new scopes on order or arrived no wonder we've the mother of all storms coming tonight!!!
  16. I seem to be on my own more often now. The scope was for my son for his birthday and at first he was really enthusiastic as was my wife and daughter. What with the lack of clear nights lately and me working evenings with my job, when it is clear I seem to be the only one who wants to brave the cold!! Hopefully over xmas if we get some clear night's I can tempt them out.
  17. Thanks for the Heads Up, just ordered mine:D but with an order from the "war office" that it cannot be opened until the 25th:(
  18. cabby

    A WOW image

    what can you say!! except WOW his other work is also awesome
  19. I have a couple in my left eye, they've been there for about 15yrs (43 now). I always seem to notice them more when I'm fishing and scanning the water surface for sign's of fish. I haven't noticed them while looking through my ep's though!!
  20. A whole packet of them with a nice big mug of sweet tea!! but then again some Ambrosia Custard and one of those treacle sponge pudding's!! just looked in the cupboard and her in doors has 2 of these, I qoute: A moist all butter chocolate sponge with Belgian Chocolate and a melting centre of smooth rich Belgian Chocolate ganache sauce!! I wonder if she'll miss one!!
  21. Or where the Clangers and Soup Dragon live!!
  22. I'm just getting the hang of our first scope after a month and seen some great things. I was going to take my son to my local club open night last night. I thought better of it as I just knew if I looked into one of those big scopes I'd be really disappointed with our's and would definately get Apperture Fever!! The "War Office" wouldn't be to happy if I bought another one so soon, but saying that I have just succumed to the "Can we have a dog"!! so I'm very high on the Brownie Point scale at present and paid out what would of got me a nice 2nd hand 12" dob. Maybe once the puppy comes in Jan (you know what women are like with babies and small animals!!) I could slip in that I'd like something seeing as her and the kids have got what they wanted
  23. One email which they never answered, and 3 phone calls, took 3 weeks in all to come minus the adapter which I got elsewhere. Had it a week and a half now and not managed to use it yet. The 2 clear night's I've had after work I've been to shattered to get it all out!!
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