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  1. Thanks for that, didn't know it was possible! Just tried Alt-O on mine and it works.
  2. As the wife and I went to bed last night we had a power cut in our area. What amazed us was how dark it went to begin with, then after a couple of minutes she said " has it come back on?". We looked out the window and even though there were no street lights on etc in our area it was still very light because of the surrounding light pollution. It just goes to show how much light pollution we have in our towns!
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum. I have the same scope as you and found out pretty quickly that the finder was next to uselss. I got so frustrated trying to use it I nearly gave it all up, why the scope companys put on a piece of equipment that is so rubbish I cannot understand!! I bought myself a Telrad which looks huge but you get used to it. Once set up the difference is amazing, I just get what I want to view in the centre circle and I'm away. By far this is the best bit of kit I have bought that makes stargazing a real joy.
  4. Hi Jonny, I know how you feel. I am completely new to this and collimating my scope scared the life out of me to be honest. I don't know anyone into astronomy in my area who could help me out if I messed it up and it put me off for a while. Mine was second hand and the views I was getting were great of the moon etc, but Jupiter etc were a bit fuzzy. I bought a Cheshire from FLO and collimated mine yesterday. I have to say the secondary was a real nightmare but once that was done the primary was really easy. I did a star test last night and was really pleased with the results. It does seem to be alot sharper now.
  5. cabby


    Hi and welcome to the forum
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum, spent some time at Chippenham College in the mid 80's.
  7. So glad I saw this, I was told the 2nd part was only on the Red Button. Just checked and It's now all being recorded in HD!!
  8. Used my Philips SPC 880 (pre flashed from Morgans) the other night and was pretty pleased with what I got for the first attempt. Will need to do alot of reading to get the most from it. I also have a Microsoft Lifecam HD which we use with Skype, don't think the wife will be impressed it I butcher that so I'll have to get another one. Saw this on Astronomy Shed on how to adapt them:
  9. Great image, I think I'm gonna need a bigger scope!!
  10. I tried the same last night with mine. I was hoping someone with a similar set up would post a picture. I tried various settings but couldn't get it as sharp as your's. When I tried with the moon the seeing wasn't great either. Hopefully someone with the know how will be along soon.
  11. been out for a couple of hours and noticed everything getting suddenly very wet, looked up and where did that lot come from. I knew 2 clear nights on the trot was to good to be true, must of been the Cheshire from FLO in the post this morning
  12. all clear here for the 2nd night on the trot, got to wait for the various neighbours to turn off all their outside lights!!
  13. been out since 7 o'clock trying my webcam on jupiter. No matter what I tried I couldn't seem to get a sharp image at all. Had a go with the moon instead when it popped up, it looked great through the ep, but like a heatwave looking at it on sharpcap!! Scrapped all the ice off everything and put it all away again
  14. I made one a couple of weeks ago and it works well. Turning the the knob on the control servo at different speeds allows for precise focusing. In the end I actually went ahead and built the electric one (bored over xmas!!) and focusing is now very precise. I'm hoping to give it a try out this weekend if the cloud stays away.
  15. could you mount a pier in the back of a pickup!! Mobile grab and go obssy!!
  16. We usually have a holiday in Cornwall or Devon in a static once a year. Next year the scope is definately coming with us. The wife does manage to take everything bar the kitchen sink and with a new puppy (yesterday!), space will be at a minimum. Look's like a nice big roof box is on the cards!!
  17. Has to be at my parents on the Isle of Mull it's so dark you can see the Milky Way in all it's glory. Drive up to the top of the Hill Rd and you get a 360 degree view and not a light in sight. The last time I hardly used the scope just bins was enough!
  18. popped into Maplins today and saw these in the sale, £10 off Large Electric Heated Fleece Vest : Outdoor Heated Clothing : Maplin Electronics
  19. I've got the 130 Astromaster and replaced mine with a Telrad, the Rigel is a very similar design and both are so easy to use once set up.
  20. managed a couple of hours last night then the new neighbour over the back put all his security lights on!!
  21. If you happen to have a forklift about!!
  22. First of all thankyou's to Neil McRae, M110 & Mr Fibble for the info I have used from their thread's/links to make my new toys better. :icon_salut: We've only had our scope for 2 months but the help and knowledge on this site is amazing, thanking you all I can turn my hand to most things and I'm really pleased how these have turned out. First up is my new Telrad, by far the best money I've spent lately. The first time I used it dew was a big prob so going on what Mr Fibble and M110 had done http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/165353-homemade-dew-preventer-telrad-eyepieces.html. I gave it a go. I mounted my resistor inside so as to keep both glasses clear and it seems to work well. My power pack has a 3,6 or 9 volt switch, so I can switch the power up or down and no need for a controller. I also made a heater for the eyepiece which is wired through the Telrad but on a permanent live feed, so when the Telrad is switched off it still works. Our scopes mount is very shakey and takes a long time to settle when you focus especially in high magnification, so when today I found all my old RC stuff I thought I'd make a hands free focuser, thanks to Neil McRae for this link, Battery Free Electric Focuser. I butchered one of my old 1/12th racing cars that had seen better days for the servo's and aluminium chassis. I didn't have any cogs or belts but managed to find a long screw that would fit the focuser and drilled the centre of the servo cog and glued it in with Araldite. It seems to be holding well but only time will tell. The bracket isn't great so I'll make another and give it a coat of black paint. All I need now is some clear sky to try it all out.
  23. I have the 130 and the finder scope is the same as yours, it is as much use as a chocolate fire guard!! I removed mine and added a Telrad which has made a huge difference, it took about 5 mins to set up and is spot on all the time. http://stargazerslounge.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=76093&stc=1&d=1325284082
  24. Has to be at my mum and dads on the Isle of Mull in Oct this year, we all went up to the top of the Hill Rd with my sons telescope and had a 360 degree view with no light polution at all. I've never seen so many stars as that night, the Milky Way was amazing. We hardly used the scope at all just our eyes.
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