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  1. A small price to pay, I agree. Especially as when you leave it's going with you. And any mod you want to do to it can be added when you rebuild it at your next location, so this time round it's like a full dress rehearsal. I want one.
  2. Nice work mate. How much has this cost you so far?
  3. Thanks for the timings. Saw this on the BBC site this morning but typically the article doesn't really tell you much.
  4. Had mine 3 weeks now, thanks to a member here and as of yesterday the sadly-departed buy and sell section. Just joined the group too. It's a very nice bit of kit and easy to use for a beginner like me. Finally got clear enough skies to point it at Jupiter last week and ended up losing myself a bit, this being the first time I'd ever looked through a real telescope Now bring on Saturn...
  5. I reckon that would be unusable - as bart says, it would need to extend upwards more than the picture shows, plus it would be pretty damn wobbly in use I think. Any movement in your neck would in turn move the bins, so you'd end up having to strike some kind of vogue pose for ages just to get a decent view of anything. I thought the old cheap camera tripod I had would work OK with my 10x50 bins, but it's just not strong or stable enough and even walking next to it when it's standing on the grass causes it to wobble. I'm thinking this neck tripod would be a bit like strapping on that.
  6. Great work, well done mate. Astronomy is so rewarding - not long after starting to properly look at the night sky I get living proof of what Patrick Moore often says, that amateur astronomers really do make major finds.
  7. I'd like to see that article too. You've probably seen this thread I guess Society for Popular Astronomy :: View topic - Binocular Mirror Viewer and it links to a Yahoo group here BinocularMirrorMounts : Binocular Mirror Mounts Might be worth a shot asking on one of those places. The S@N mag website doesn't list much in the way of back issues.
  8. Or the wind blows it straight over. Good idea, needs a bit of development I think.
  9. I wish I'd got some bins or even a scope 10 years ago when I was living in the sticks in Thailand. Never took the hobby anywhere and really should have. Now in lovely LP Birmingham I can at least get the right kit from the start, or rather not from the start, having just a pair of 10x50 bins at the moment. This is a great thread to read. Looking forward to reading more posts.
  10. Agreed, I've just managed to see M31 with my cheap 10x50s from my back garden. Jupiter and 4 moons was a delight to see the other day too.
  11. He's almost the British William Shatner now Stellar
  12. That night shot looks like the Singapore Grand Prix track What a waste
  13. Good advice indeed. I also tried the 7dayshop bins and am very pleased with them
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