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  1. Saturn is simply gorgeous. The first time I saw it I was blown away. I dragged everybody out the house to see it. Sounds like you had a great night. Hope tonight is just as good, and with this weather, it looks promising.
  2. I joined the seti team last year, but never kept going for long because the machine I had was too slow. These days I have quite a fast PC, so I have restarted. I scored about 350 credits in six days, so thats got to be an improvement Peace & Clear Skies. Becky.
  3. This from Maplin might do the trick. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=224904 Good Luck with it. If the software or mount doesn't like the adaptor, you could always try switching it with something on a genuine com port. Peace and Clear Skies. Becky.
  4. Wooly tights! Yes, for the guys too! Also, I got some 'Ladies' boots from Lidl, they are actually pretty androgenous and have a fleecy lining. Peace and Clear Skies. Becky.
  5. Brilliant attitude. My mum has a recent diagnosis. she's just starting chemo. Peace and Clear Skies. Becky.
  6. I feel awkward following up Kev's post with humor. Meaning no disrespect, my favourite quote on the subject comes from my favourite sci fi character of all time, played by the late Deforest Kelly. "I came aboard to practice medicine, not to have my atoms scattered across space" -Leonard 'Bones' McCoy (Star Trek) Peace and Clear Skies.
  7. I hope they do manage to sort out hubble. It has blessed us with some fabulous images. I haven't seen the S&N programme yet, but Bernie's pumpkin cannon sounds like something worth looking out for. I can't begin to imagine how it features! Peace and Clear Skies, Becky.
  8. Becky

    Hello Again

    What a lovely bunch you all are Peace and Clear Skies, Becky.
  9. I have found that Stellarium and Virtual Moon Atlas both seem to run happily on vista. As for vista itself, it looks pretty but is mega resource hungry. Sometimes I turn off all the whistles and bells to get things to run smoother. One good thing is that it has nice fonts on an LCD screen which don't look rough like the ones on the XP machines I use at college. I love Vista so much that I dual boot with Linux. Peace and Clear Skies. Becky.
  10. Becky

    Hello Again

    Thanks for the welcome back and the good wishes for my studies. peace and clear skies. Becky.
  11. Those are brilliant. I especially love the light and shadow. Peace and blue skies. Becky.
  12. Becky

    Hello Again

    Hello again, I just thought I would say hello again after a long absense. I don't think I have posted since about march. I do dip in occasionally and loved what the members did for Sir Patrick Moore. Had an interesting summer though. I'm now a full time student again studying Access to Nursing at a local college. I guess I'm a winter astronomer. I've never been much of a nighthawk, so in the summer I don't really get the scope out much. I did use it once and that's about it. I got it out this afternoon and checked it all over. Just in time for the clocks going back in a week or two. Long dark nights beckon I love the Pliades and the night I saw Saturn for the first time just about blew me away. I don't have a particularly powerful telescope, so this winter I think I am going to make a point of focussing on Lunar observations. Peace and Clear Skies.
  13. The photo of M45 is stunning. The rest are fantastic too, but I love M45. Peace and Clear Skies.
  14. Beautiful Ant. I got lucky in that I just happened to look out the window before shutting the curtains and they were both right in front of me. A Braw sight. I got on the roof and had a wee look at saturn too. Lovely as ever! Peace and Clear Skies. Becky.
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