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  1. Hi again Yes , i had a look at the skywatcher ED80 & Focal reducer ,they do seem to be a popular choice . While im happy with my 400mm M42 lens , i felt i wanted a bit more F/L for some smaller dso objects . Thanks for the informative replies , time for coffee Dave.
  2. Thanks for your replies folks , maybe i should wait till after summer and try to save up for the Altair Wave 115 F7 APO , just a few months of beans on toast , heheheh Dave.
  3. Hi there I've been looking at these scopes and i was wondering how owners are getting on with these OTA's. For a while i've been using a selection of old M42 thread lenses with my un-modded Canon 500D ( 28mm prime to 400mm prime) , piggybacked on my Helios evo120 , 1000mm achro on an NEQ6. I'm looking for a ED scope around the range of 600-700mm focal length for my dslr , that factors in a balance between occasional use under typical UK seeing and budget of £700. Thanks. Dave.
  4. Hello , welcome to SGL , great folk here
  5. Heh , i like that , i grew up listening to Swedish Deathmetal ( 1988 - 1993) , it sounds like a familiar song title .. inventor of darkness ... GREAT Dave
  6. Hi Mike , this box did not take quite as long to build as my giant DIY modular synthesizer has , heh . I've been to the carpark a few times now , plenty space to set up , room for 8 cars , and not long to get home if the pesky clouds pounce (via the pizza/ chip shop in Selkirk, heh, yum ). Looking forward to the next observing session , the approach side from Gala is a nightmare when icey with those hills , in the recent snow, i went via the golf course onto the Selkirk to St Boswells road, less farm track grade road to travel See you soon Dave's Synth........ electro-music.com :: View to
  7. Thanx , i've been getting about 4, 3hr observing & piggyback photo sessions with the box , i've got two 3.8 Amp chargers and they take about 6hrs to charge up , working well so far
  8. Hullo , I have recently been building a power box for my new EQ6 syntrek , after a lot of studying other designs on the web i decided to go for Absorbant glass mat AGM golf batteries , deep cycle 12V 22Ah about £40 each , one battery for the scope mount and the other battery for my pwm controlled DIY heaters. I have insulated the batteries with foil back foam mat 2 layers thick underneath & round the sides for frosty Scottish nights . Electrical side , i have a blade fuse carrier , main on / off switch (20A MK D/P switch module) , also a 15A double pole/ double throw with center off toggl
  9. I hope i don't offend any DIY electronics dew heater constructors here by saying i have been offered a Velleman PWM kit for pennies , . Reggie & chris , that sounds very interesting with frost sensors activating the heaters, i'll get these old tapes working first before i think down that road , interesting stuff though . Dave.
  10. welcome & hello , from below Edinburgh
  11. hello , and welcome to star gazers lounge , great community here
  12. Hello I was wondering if the syntrek versions of the HEQ5 / EQ6 are being phased out , a few shops say the HEQ5 syntrek is no longer available , looks like i'll have to be quick to get a EQ6 syntrek or save even longer for a iEQ45 , i can smell my wallet smouldering , hehehe Dave.
  13. Thanks for your reply , , i hope to piggyback my Dslr & 200mm lens on top of the scope , so a good strong scope bar is recommended . The old EQ3-2 fixings were 150mm apart for the Helios and it was quite bouncey on a breezy moorland darksite . Thanks. Dave.
  14. Many thanks folks , i will give these a try next weekend . Dave.
  15. would the skywatcher medium or long dovetail plate be better when i upgrade my mount , my Helios came on an EQ3-2 with short mount plate . I'm trying to collect all the extra bits i need before choosing between an HEQ5 or EQ6. Thanks. Dave.
  16. Hi there . I would like to build a 2 channel controller for dew control , can anyone recommend a good schematic that i can etch or horse together on vero board , im reasonably competent at diy electronics , see here for my home made modular synthesiser electro-music.com :: View topic - MFOS Dual VCO's . Thanks. Dave.
  17. Hi there , i am saving up for a new mount (NEQ6 hopefully) and i will be using my old Helios Evo120 refractor 1000mm . I was wondering which length of plate would be best for the scope . Is it wise to think of getting a more substantial base plate if i intend to to use a dslr & lens piggybacked on top of the scope ?. Thanks. Dave
  18. Hullo frae doon the way and across a bit , welcome to SGL. Dave.
  19. Hi Ian from me in the borders , welcome to SGL
  20. Hullo , popped down for the talks at the castle today , i really liked the narrow band talk & saw some nice looking gear at the stands. Thanks to Keith (Sunderland astro) for the egg sandwiches & Mike Dickson for the cuppa . i think i may venture down for the spring event with my old achro & canon 500d & tent . I also had an interesting chat about midge control with Paul & Pete fom Sky at Night at the Observatory , heheh. Lots of friendly folk. Thanks again. Dave.
  21. Hi there , i have an old skyscan 2001 EQ3-2 mount that came with my Helios evo120 refractor . There have been a few things i wanted to try and fix up before saving up for a larger mount later on. The mount scope ring fixings are 150mm apart (no dovetail with the 6" plate version) and the long refractor was bouncing around alot in the slightest breeze. I found an old aluminium spot light track on a job at work (in the skip ) and sawed it to length , i now have a better behaved scope in light wind , i also added a piece of alum angle bar for 2 cameras side by side with the OTA , one has a 5mm
  22. Dave waves back to everyone , what a warm welcome , thanks
  23. Hello Merlin66 , i'm involved with modular synth diy so i should fit in fine , hehe .
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