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  1. Had to get the exhaust fixed on the car , i'm gonna leave it till next month before choosing a new focuser , tho im drawen to the moonlite with it's 112mm drawtube compared to the others 80mm drawtubes , also give time to find user reviews of the revelation superfocus 2" hybrid focuser. Dave.
  2. That's great it's working out , i had to give myself a slap for spending too much time with a multimeter , volt reading the battery ,when i forgot to balance the scope properly and i got wild tracking shots of M33 (etch a sketch looking photo's) , elated by the fact all the power problems were banished i completely forgot the basics , nevermind Dave.
  3. Hi Paul , welcome from central borders , great site this , i love the DIY section Dave.
  4. Hi Phil What about just using your power pack at the 15V setting , seems to work fine for a lot of people , i did this because im volt obsessive i'm an electrician through the day and build home made synthesisers at weekends . If you are interested here is my disclaimer ... then method of attack. There may be problems sharing my mod . There are many variations of circuit layout / pcb layouts for these small step up power packs and where i changed a resistor might not be the same remedy applicable to another design. Cool , that's me free from blame for carbonised / burnt out NEQ6's heheheh
  5. Wow , some very nice & practical designs for power boxes guys , im slowly ironing out my problems with power at remote sites http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/165173-neq6-flashing-led-resulting-bad-tracking/ What i've encountered so far is , the battery needs to be in a well insulated box and if possible, low power warming between the battery and insulation if you are using at a cold frosty site. Also the more power that is drawn from the battery the tighter the "good" voltage is available to the mount ( full charged battery = around 13V ---- running down to 12.5V and below = NEQ6 throw
  6. Hi , i must have missed those i'll have a look later , thanks. When i do change the focuser , my old Helios 120 achro is eyeing up the synta dual speed that's on the 80ed
  7. Hi there, I have a skywatcher Evo 80ED ds (black & white one) and .85 reducer coupled to a canon 500d . i've been saving up for a new focuser and im torn between choosing the moonlight or steeltrak model. hmmm Also my sw .85 F/R screwed onto the stock focuser thread after taking off the 2" ring , on these fancier focusers, do i need to fit the reducer with an adaptor with 2" nosepiece or is there a step down thread ring available ? Dave.
  8. If you are at remote sites with a battery i can recommend a low power dew strip around the battery in an insulated box does wonders , i control mine with a cheap led dimmer circuit http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/162015-building-a-new-diy-power-box/ Dave.
  9. great looking controller there If your having trouble with the heat at maximum setting have a look a couple of pages back for the pot mod i needed to do. Add a 680 ohm resistor on the max lug on the control pot , the picture of your original led dim box shows the black printed curve, that's the action of the control pot ..9 o clock = min to 3 o clock = max when using a dew band , the heat tails off after the 3 o clock position , add the 680 ohm as my diagram and the max heat will be at max pot turn , Dave.
  10. Looks great , you'll be looking forward to the next clear night for a test run . Dave.
  11. off to the med ... cooooo! , very nice , have a great time, Mike. This year i've been to lovely Craster & Dunstenburgh in my fav area of northumberland , kinda like the med but without any sun , hehehehe :) Dave.
  12. And also seen on the news last year , Sweden has drunken Elk that like munching on fallen apples, i bet antlers & a mount don't mix well
  13. Good review Anton ,i enjoyed reading that , i have my eye on the Altair 115 triplet but upgrading my focusser on the SW 80ED is first on the list . In April this year i had my heart set on the starwave 110 doublet but the feedback from the forum nudged me to start out with the 80ED to use with my canon 500D. great results from your new triplet, Dave.
  14. Ha all I've not had a clear night yet but did get a chance to check the output voltage of the little step up power pack in the pic at the top of this thread , it is providing 15.5v at the 15v setting under load , opened it case up and studied the pcb , quick surface mount component value change and i've now got it outputting 13.8v , yay! . I set all the gear up inside the garden shed , mount / laptop / 4 dew heaters running off the 90Ah AGM battery full charged to 13v , left it all over night (11hrs) , checked in the morning battery now at 12.18v (at the 50% discharge bracket) and the mount
  15. That looks great Mike , the new camera is working well for you. See you soon at a local site. Dave.
  16. After my friends go home and i stay out at a remote countryside site to finish off my dark frames & tidy up etc. i become self aware of noises around me , usually some pheasants scrabbling about in the heather or bats that are attracted to the high frequency sounds of a tracking NEQ6. I find switching on the car mp3 player and a moderate volume level early Slayer album or other good classic metal album usually puts me at ease , i don't know how that would work on a big wild cat or an angry rattle snake in USA tho . Dave.
  17. Do you fell trees or do you teach folk how to come down the 39 steps & magic carpet on an 8" travel bike , or even better are you building the chair lift to the start hut for the downhill tracks
  18. Yes , good idea , after my warranty runs out i'll do a permenant supply cable into the mount . Thinking out loud, increasing the voltage to my mount is the best way for my set up , i designed my new battery box for using at remote sites often at -5C & less temp. , employing a second battery for the mount would need to be well insulated as well, but has the same good voltage 'window' of 13V to 12.5V , even less time if it's really frosty. To keep a one battery 90Ah AGM insulated supply i think have to focus on increasing the volts to the mount. Thanks for all your great feedback , i'll le
  19. i'll test the step-up power pack first , i had a 2 battery remote site set up last year but the introduction of the laptop had those 22Ah batteries down in no time , my 90Ah AGM is ideal , i just need to feed the mount with more than 12V as Gina posted , cool .
  20. Good thing about using A.G.M. deep discharge batteries is they can take a better beating than lead acid even in the cold , and my extra long dew strip to lightly warm the battery keeps it at 19C. My 50% discharge safe level on AGM battery is 12.2V and deceased at 10.8V (never tried that). I use a RING RSC512 7-stage smart charger to keep the battery sweet.
  21. Hi Gina So everyone running an EQ mount from a battery should get a step up power pack to boost the voltage for the mount = happy tracking . The more i learn about all this the more addicted to astro diy i become , heh Thanks for very interesting info, this forum is great Dave.
  22. Hi Jim , sometimes the supplied skywatcher power lead can cause intermitant contact problems at the socket on the mount , after my warranty has expired i think i will wire direct into the mount using a 16mm compression gland , another 2 months before i can get the power drill out :) Dave.
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