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  1. Hullo , i and a few other imagers go out when it's clear to 3 local sites but i was having alook on google earth for more easterly sites where it's more flat ground , i spotted a comunity woodland carpark just past Gord that im tempted to try. We meet on a very informal basis, usually a flurry of texts an hour before it "might" be clear to get as many dslr subs as possible Dave
  2. Hullo , i'm not very sure what the light temp is of the EL card , no bleed through though, the rim of the dew shield sits against the card surface , i may be better re-designing again and going for strips of white led's behind a bit of opaque white perspex , but before that i'll try a few more tests , i think the EL card has a slight blue tinge to it anyway . Has anyone else had success with these £15 EL cards from Hong Kong ??.
  3. nice OTA , hope you get good use in the new season
  4. Hi , ah yes , callibrate the WB as a custom setting and use that setting when doing flats , for my astro images i have the WB on daylight setting tho i don't know if that matters when the shots go into DSS . Thanks. Dave.
  5. Hello , i've knocked together a low budget flats box for my skywatcher ed80 , using some plywood and closed cell foam and an A5 size EL card sandwiched between the ply & foam. I did a quick test during daytime , coupled my un-modded Canon 500d to the scope with reducer & focused on a far away tree , then put the flats box on the dew shield and set the camera to AV mode and the iso to my usual astro settings of 400 or 800 . Aiming for the histogram to read nearly central , the best of my test shots seem a little light blue in colour , should i be looking for as white a light as possibl
  6. Great , i love how M45 slides off into the LP in the distance, nice timelapse. Dave.
  7. I'm going to pop down on Saturday, catch the talks , browse some eyepieces at the stalls , maybe take my mount & camera & lenses just in case the low mist clears Dave.
  8. Very neat layout , i like the tool box designs used for diy power packs, i find the sheer weight of the leisure batteries (i use a 90Ah gel battery in a plywood box) to be cumbersome , it would be great if big Ah rated light weight Lithium batt's were as affordable as lead-acid Great build you have there. Dave.
  9. Hi , and a happy new year all It depends on what you need for your diy set up , in my case i needed (on a budget) objective / finder - guider / piggyback dslr / timelapse dslr on tripod , 4 channels, all to have independant variable temp control dew bands , i built my control box to have 6 channels (2 spare). For the price these things are i understand i may have to open them up and re-flow some joints and rewire any brittle thin cables. Most malfuctions of these units are to do with wires breaking off or bad / cold solder joints , very rarely will the components fail unless there has been
  10. Hi , if you are using an absorbent glass mat AGM battery or a gel battery that may work as a very short term solution , i'd be concerned if it was a wet cell design battery with sulphuric acid sloshing about, housed in a holdall. Ideally the battery should be securely fixed and the terminals well insulated to prevent shorting , with also a suitable sturdy carry case. It's quite scary the welding / fire raising / explosion capabilities of a 20 ah battery never mind the destruction a 100ah battery could cause if care is not taken in the design & fuse requirements of a DIY power box. Dave.
  11. Hi Brian , i noticed you have a 5K pot on your dimmer circuit , on my ones i ordered in they all had 1K pots , my resistor mod on page 5 of this thread relates to a dimmer box with a 1K pot . The control pot varies the circuit pulse width (PWM) , if it is possible try to test the unit on an oscilloscope to see the pulse narrow at min setting and widen out at max setting , measuring voltage at the pot doesn't really work as it varies a 12v narrow pulse adjustable to a 12v fat pulse , the circuit is pre-set as to the frequency or speed of the pulses. you may just have a bad one , i ordered 8 in
  12. Sorry i should re phrase that , when checking the output with your multimeter on first switch on with no load connected the circuit will output a volt or two more than when a load is connected , so set it for say 13.5v , then connect the load and you may find you have to increase the trimmer very slightly to get the voltage you want , this is just for your mount supply is it ?.
  13. Hi , those are great books in the above posts , recently , for my birthday, i got Atlas of the messier objects http://www.amazon.co...ASIN=0521895545 a cracking read too and very nice images keep an eye out on amazon marketplace for good used ones too . Dave.
  14. Telescope house are waiting for a selection of collar adaptors to fit different brands of refractor scopes , and i've just raided the piggybank for my first guide camera from Bernard , im saving again for a focuser in Jan or Feb , i've got the feeling guiding is more important than changing the dual speed ED80 just yet ,im soon to get more than 2mins exposures with round stars on the NEQ6 , im excited hehehe
  15. looks very interesting , are you going for a box or housing with an array of socket types to shorten the run of all the cables , neat looking too . I've yet to start guiding so im looking forward to more cables when setting up at remote sites :) Dave.
  16. wow, that's an industrial version of whats inside the wee power adapters , if you go for one of these make sure you set the output voltage at around 14v then connect the load (mount) and fine tune the trimmer to give the desired output voltage, maybe set the mount to slew while adjusting which would be the mounts highest current use . under no load these circuits output a volt or 2 more than when drawing current. Mounting this inside your power box would solve any external use ventilated case requirements and also warm the air in the powerbox, good for keeping the chill off the battery Dave.
  17. Hi , i had my power box out for 5 hours in the borders countryside at -4 degC last night and all behaved well even the laptop which was covered in frost, brrr . My box cost comprised of.. AGM 90ah battery £90. Sockets & fuse bank & batt clamps £30. Ply wood & insulation (bulding site workplace perks ) RING RSC512 7 stage smartcharger £70. YC generic universal car power adapter for the Mount £12. Dave.
  18. JBK44 , if you understand my post below from another topic , and are adept at correctly identifying and carefully removing a surface mount component then replacing with a normal 1/4w type 1K resistor, neatly with good contacts, then this will be a breeze to do. Having the correct tools is paramount , adjustable temp good soldering iron , tweezers , long nose pliers , solder wick braid , multi-meter, etc. All the things an electronics hobbyist should have already. Good luck. Dave.
  19. Hi , your question inside my quote confused me for a moment i just used a 1/4W metalfilm on every dimmer pot , the tollerance is not critical , if you have some carbon (yellow ones) of same value lying around, they will work fine too . Dave.
  20. Great looking build , and a tasty looking sheperds/cottage pie , bit of pepper on top and im there Dave. .....could you fit a dew band round the pie when hungry outside :)
  21. Hi My first telescope i bought in 2000 was the Helios evolution 120mm / 1000mmFL achromat, supplied/ highly under mounted , with the Hammerite grey colour skyscan model mount (called the EQ3-2) , i soon got the RA & Dec motor add on pack that ran on 6v, ahhh , bliss, no hand tracking chasing jupiter across the eyepiece . 12 years ago this was an afordable way of crisp views of the moon, planets , bright messier objects, yes there is C.A. but that never bothered me at the time doing visual & learning my way around the winter constellations. soon after i coupled my old Praktica 35mm f
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