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  1. Hi There , Merry Xmas , where your problem lies is, when the very capable 88ah battery is under load , the initial fully charged battery voltage drops a small amount , this is just enough to dip below the happy voltage point for a NEQ6 (if I remember my problems from a couple of years back about 12.6V ) the way you can cure this and have 8hrs+ un-interrupted battery use ,is , getting a cigar plug DC to DC converter with the correct wattage rating , this fools the mount into thinking it is getting a constant 12.5 / 13V even while late into a session when the battery starts edging towards 11.8V and downwards, I find it a good idea to have the laptop fully charged before going out so that it is not using extra power to charge up & operate , here is my old post about modding a converter... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/165173-neq6-flashing-led-resulting-bad-tracking/ Hope you get it fixed and get back out again . Dave.
  2. I was going to go for a c-tek for my 90AH AGM battery but I spotted one of these which has been doing a great job for a few years so far http://www.ringautomotive.co.uk/uk/products/Cars/Battery+Care/SmartCharge-plus-/RSC512
  3. Forgot the link to me box.... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/162015-building-a-new-diy-power-box/
  4. Hi there , on my DIY power box for remote sites, I used these marine grade twist lock 12v sockets & plugs, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Waterproof-12V-Accessory-Power-Socket-with-Twist-lock-Plug-Marine-12-volt-V-B-/190723924001?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_BoatEquipment_Accessories_SM&hash=item2c68082021 these are solid when locked into the socket and I've had no problems with loose connections, they are super duty compared to the cheap red/black cigar plugs . Dave
  5. Hi Phil , welcome to SGL Dave (in Gala)
  6. Yes , Sunday night was very clear , drove to a local spot and set up , managed to get nearly 2 hours of subs on the horse heid & the flame neb before they sank to the west, using my modded canon 500d . Also got 16 shots of the Leo triplet but (Grrr) I forgot to re-calibrate the guider after having been at orion , wobbly stars & galaxies , hehehe < I should really laminate a wee check list , though I'm sure it was down to excitement at seeing stars again .
  7. at least I got to try the new pen mark I put on the NEQ6 polar transition point , set the clock circle to the transition time and swung the RA round to time on my watch , hey hey good alignment
  8. Blue sky at finishing time after work , loaded car up and drove to remote site ,sky clear as a whistle, set up mount/ scope/ guider/ laptop , polar align , focus , test shot at iso 3200 ,sky still amazing, all well so far , start image run.........thin cloud everywhere , ayieee , then thicker cloud comes along , mince!. This happens to me a couple of times a year , I guess I thought it might be the first good clear night since January and I was loading the car up at 6:30PM like "supermarket sweep" trolly dash . Nevermind , at least my optics got some fresh air Next time Hehehe Dave.
  9. Just back from Kielder main day , enjoyed the 4 talks at the castle , and also got a chance to catch up with a few friends at the campsite, looking forward to the October one . Dave.
  10. Hullo , what caught me out when testing reticule centre on my NEQ6 was the looseness of the reticule viewfinder , it threads into the polar scope tube and is adjusted to focus by the user , after watching a helpful youtube vid I popped down to the hardware store for a mixed size pack of plumbers rubber 'O' rings (15mm - 25mm selection) , slipped 2 rings on the reticule eyepiece thread and screwed back in to focus now sitting snug and firmly in place , the wobble & movement I initially thought was bad centring was actually play on the threaded polar eyepiece. Dave.
  11. Nice main pic and good result with the M42 lens , Hoovering the hound might be a good idea too heheh
  12. Nice horsehead pic , and nice scope too Dave.
  13. Hi there, a lot of folk recommend ( including me) getting a copy of " every photon counts" book , this will explain all you need to begin imaging. If photography is the main interest, a popular route to go is getting a HEQ5 and a mini dovetail for cameras (modern astronomy do a camera bar for about £20), use the camera with lenses on the mount to begin with for nice big wide field shots & some clusters / nebula, then when the nights get darker in September & you've mastered polar alignment over 6 months, you can save up for a skywatcher ED80 & the reducer / flattener to match and away you go , the scope & reducer coupled to a DSLR will equate to roughly a 500mm lens which is perfect for most of the medium to larger scale deep sky stuff. Planets would probably benefit from a longer (focal length) scope , but as you read up more and soak up info from this great forum you'll get a better idea of what equipment is needed for what targets. Get the book first and good luck Dave.
  14. Hi and welcome to SGL , Ron.
  15. Grand , i'll be popping down for the talks on Sat and also cups of tea at various caravans Dave.
  16. Hello , i use one of these smart chargers for my 90Ah AGM battery , http://www.ringautomotive.co.uk/uk/products/Cars/Battery+Care/SmartCharge-plus-/RSC512 I re-charge after a night out at a remote site with the scope and once a month if hampered by clouds My current draw for my set up is (neq6 / laptop / dew heaters) about 4 Amps on the battery and it easily does an 11 hour constant run before reaching 50% discharge level. Dave.
  17. Great choice with the HEQ5 syntrek , just the mount and camera & lenses will yield some nice pics. Don't forget the stylish " staircase dominator" heq5 carry case Dave
  18. Hi there Popping along to your local astro society or astro club will reveal an imager , who can give help with good dark sky areas/ club meeting sites & equipment needed for basic starting level & advanced levels. I started in the late 1990s with a praktica 35mm film camera & a Helios 120 refractor , on a EQ3-2 , jings , it was wild even if someone sneezed nearby , nice moon shots but galaxies & nebula were unachievable without seagull shaped stars . Ive slowly upgraded to a NEQ-6 / SW- ED80 / heq5 finder guiding / modded Canon 500d / dew heaters / laptop / 26Kg AGM battery , it certianly builds muscles up going to remote sites but i'm very impressed with what affordable modern astro equipment can do nowadays compared to 15 years ago . So much astro stuff to choose from when browsing online , but if you think this is the hobbie of choice then get a skywatcher ED80 & HEQ-5 , the starting & continuing point of many happy imagers. Dave.
  19. Special pick up's require frothy latte & Fox's choc cookies
  20. Hullo , i decided to set my NEQ-6 polar scope in the summer , and could not get it to settle , then i noticed the recticule eyepiece with the cross hairs that screws into the polar scope body had a little play on the threads , after watching astronomy sheds you tube vid for setting up the mount, i went to B&Q and got a packet of plumbers rubber "O" rings (about an inch diam. ) done the thread mod as in the video and re-fettled the 3 grub screws again ...... Bingo .......spot on , the rubber ring allows enough compression for good focus when threaded up finger tight into the polar body. Dave.
  21. Hi , i popped down to the castle on Saturday morning , i enjoyed the interesting talks , and stared longingly at an Esprit100 on the traders tables , the taks looked nice too , Quick cuppa at Mikes caravan then the drive home. Good to hear the skies were in favour through the week. Dave.
  22. Hi , I personally could not commit to regular meetings at pubs / village halls , but i do try to do photography around central Borders as often as possible. I'd imagine the moors between Greenlaw & Duns have great dark skies , that's about 20 miles from where i live , and 20 miles the other way, west, towards St Marys loch are good areas too. though i often want to stay out till 4am, once the seeing settles after midnight , work the next day usually curtails a late session
  23. very nice looking , do you have to make a winter cosy/ dew heater for this one ?
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