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  1. Hi all, yes a converter is def the way to go , still working great on my box i built years ago when i had problems all been good since
  2. Nice one , snug fit , the cat is eyeing it up for a hidey place as well
  3. For me at remote imaging sites i like to have on in the background any virgin label years Tangerine Dream albums (Force majeure & tangram & white eagle my favs) ,also sometimes some Orbital , boards of canada , good synthwave stuff (Dan Terminus , Lost Years , Robert Parker , LazerHawk) , and if a badger gets too close some classic Swedish deathmetal to clear it off Dave.
  4. Hello When I built my flats panel for my SW ED80 refractor, I used a 200mm x 300 piece of 50mm thick closed cell foam sheet (it is very stiff and almost no debris when drilling) , I then used a hole saw drilling in reverse to stop cutter jump & mangled circular hole effect & sliced the final size with a long craft blade, the el panel was fixed to the back of the foam with the light side peering through the hole in the foam and the back side of the EL panel was capped with a bit of 6mm ply wood , when I do my flats I push the foam square onto the dew shield and it holds the panel flat
  5. Hi, if you really need a warming band , I would say 0.5 A would be good for a slight warmth, we are not looking to roast a leg of ham with the band :) yum , that equals 24 ohms total resistance or as close as you can get ( 12V divided by 0.5A) , so if you need 2meters of nichrome wrap around, you would have to get nichrome that is 12 ohms per meter and if you require 3 meters worth length, it would need nichrome that is 8 ohms per meter, the values will depend on physical size of battery & how many loops needed and what resistance per meter you can purchace When I made the nichrome band
  6. Heh there is always useful information hiding in old threads , old threads are great . The power box is still going strong, no issues with power on outings, and stable in freezing conditions,..... fingers crossed for another few years use from the AGM battery , I keep it happy with a multi stage Ring charger RSC512 http://www.ringautomotive.co.uk/uk/products/Cars/Battery+Care/SmartCharge-plus-/RSC512 . If you can get your hands on some off cuts of Kingspan or cellotex expanded foil lined foam wall sheet from a builders skip, they are great insulators , if not give your battery a jacket
  7. Hi , before I built the one in the link above, I used a a couple of Lucas 22Ah golf batteries in parallel in a box with an open top, on a cold January night years ago they sapped pretty quickly. When I was planning the big box supply, I looked at the battery manufacturers spec sheets online to see the Temp/ time discharge graph curves and they showed room temp as ideal operating conditions , so I knocked together a simple resistor dew band to run at 3 or 4 watts from one of those led dimmer units ( I had to re-flow all it's solder joints , easy job to do) from hong kong. It was an article on
  8. Hi Obi Here is an old link to the power box I made for my outings to remote sites , I used insulation in my box & I made an extra long, low power diy dew band wrapped round my AGM 90Ah battery , it maintains almost room temp. inside the battery housing . A frosty battery lasts no time at all, keep it snug , take time with the design & construction of your power build and it will work for years . Happy building. Dave. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/162015-building-a-new-diy-power-box/
  9. Hi all , I finally got out with the new scope . Got the nichrome wire delivered & made the diy dew band , fitness mat shield now fits a treat. Here is a night time long exposure shot of the scope in action.... On the day I received the scope I set it up outside the house during day time to look at some distant terrestrial things and I was surprised with the sensitivity to air currents (now I know this is long FL in action) unable to focus I instantly thought it may need collimated ( glad I didn't touch it) , 8 days passed before a moon lit clear-ish night appeared and I set off to a rem
  10. We can hear the army shelling up in mid Borders too sometimes , it must be a nightmare for mickeyscope (mike) trying to image with the new OTA with all the vibrations , heheh :D
  11. Thanks for the handy tips everyone . Focuser is now attached to rear end & I have ordered nichrome wire as the diy dew band I made with resistor ladder design is a bit too lumpy for getting the dew shield to sit square. Diy dew shield , I popped in to sports irect to get a Lonsdale fitness mat , it has a really flat black non reflective material on top of the 6mm foam sheet , today I went to mums house to use a big needle & thick waxy thread for stitching leather , I had a lovely hour of home crafts (stitching) hehehe , now have the industrial Velcro securely stitched onto the long l
  12. While at remote imaging sites, I like to listen to Tangerine Dream - Force majure / Tangram / White Eagle albums also Plasitkman - Consumed album & some 1980 - 1984 Ultravox , if there is a fox or badger sniffing about while guiding , Napalm death - Peel sessions album scares them off Dave.
  13. Well....... I caved in , and ordered last night a SW Mak180 & a red moonlite sct focuser :D . Next year when im thinking of getting a fast planetary camera I will do the flocking & ring mods , I have a friend at an engineering firm who can make some custom tube rings, sorted Tomorrow will be a long day at work knowing a courier will be dropping a large cardboard box off at home Dave.
  14. thanks , Strange how when I have been browsing mak articles , I always seem to end up looking at nice medium FL triplets , distractions , heh. Dave.
  15. I used marine twist lock 12v sockets on my home made 90aH AGM battery box and are still working a treat after 3 years . admittedly, last years astro season nights were a total cloud fest , but I hope we get some good frosty nights this winter Dave.
  16. Thanks for the info guys , much appreciated , I should make a decision by next week def. a thumbs up for a moonlite & visual mak back to sct adaptor ring , and I will make a diy dew band & invest in a black camping mat Dave.
  17. I have only had a passing visit at a remote site once from the fuzz , they had just finished re- clothing / advising Mr Gough - the infamous naked rambler on a freezing December night nearby and wondered what we were doing , they did say poaching deer was common at the forest nearby . Dave.
  18. Great project you are working on here , nice detailed documentation , I still have the xlr power socket mod to do on my neq6 , tho I have had no problems with power issues since I converted a step up power pack to supply 13.8V to my mount a couple of years ago. Dave.
  19. Wow ,Nice work on the lathe for a few hours , ...under typical UK weather, will it get out more than the triplet heh Dave.
  20. Hi all , I normally travel 10 - 20 miles to a few remote imaging sites with my SW ED80 / NEQ6 / modded Canon 500D / finder guider / laptop & mini "Torness" battery power box. I also still have my very first scope, an old Hellios F8 / 120 acromat that I use for a wee bit of solar imaging . I have been hankering after a longer focal length ota for a while now and I hope to get a zwo asi224 camera next year for some planet pix , I have a budget of around 1K and I was interested in the skywatcher skymax 180 mak (which I would eventually do most of the common mods to , flocking , orion tube r
  21. Hi & welcome to SGL , From another astrophotographer , also from the Borders, about 35 miles south of Auld Reekie Dave.
  22. Hi , yes the battery will do fine, it is a flooded lead acid Leisure battery in the specs on the link you posted, if you were ever to replace it at all , I would recommend getting an AGM (more discharge cycles, etc ) , but you already have this battery, so use it . A common discharge level of these batteries we use , is about 50% (many battery pdf technical documents state an increase in battery life if mainly used to 50%) , on Per's posted table above which relates to flooded lead acid deep cycle batteries, you can see your battery 50% voltage is 12.2V , at this voltage a dc to dc conver
  23. Yes , exactly why I chose a 90Ah AGM after exhaustive research before buying a big battery , sorry I got the discharge volts wrong , I was in a hurry this morning to attend a full roast dinner . When I was ironing out my set up problems, I noticed one of the things also to take into account is the cold temp. the battery is exposed to at a remote site, often sitting on frozen ground in winter in the -degC numbers , this really affects battery performance , to fix that , I built a cosy insulated carry case for the AGM battery, with a long DIY dew strip wrapped round the battery to keep it snug
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