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  1. Thanks for all the tips lads. I will try using the program the next time I get a clear sky. Can't wait!!
  2. Ok thats installed now. Could you give me a basic guide on how to use this?
  3. Yes its attached with the t-ring etc. Downloading the deep ss program now. Thanks for that.
  4. I'm using a nikon D40 but don't have any filters for it yet. What program can I use to stack the images? I have registax for the planets. Are there any other DSO's I can image without a filter?
  5. Hi this is my best attempt of the orion nebula without using lights, darks flats etc. Truth is I don't know how to. I am quite happy with the outcome for now but I was wondering how to take a decent image of the horsehead nebula. I was looking for it for the last few times I've been out but couldn't even find it. I've only recently discovered how faint it is compared to the orion nebula. Is there a lot more involved in taking a picture of it? http://stargazerslounge.com/
  6. Did anyone see a massive fireball between 20:15 and 20:30? It was so bright and slow I thought it was a firework travelling in the wrong direction lol. Can't say where abouts in the sky it was because I was driving at the time. Just had to share my experience coz it was beautiful
  7. Does anyone know where I can get my primary mirror recoated in Ireland? I've googled the internet but can't find anywher. Would it be expensive to have it shipped to the UK and shipped back?
  8. I have found a 10" newt with some extras like laser collimator and telrad starfinder going for €200 (£172). No mount and it looks homemade but do you think this is still a good deal?
  9. Just got mine there. Not allowed to open the envelope it came in coz its part of my xmas pressie. Can't wait to put it on the wall.
  10. Im using sharpcap with a 6" meade newt on the lxd75 tracking mount. Should I set the exposure to -1? Does sharpcap have a histogram? I had fps set to 5 and took 1200 frames. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  11. Hi I am just wondering if I should be able to get more detail from my 6" newt. I don't have an ir filter yet. Will an ir filter make a difference to the detail or is it more a matter of focus or poor collimation? Any advice would be great.
  12. My sky is supposed to be clear from 4am onwards so setting my alarm. I have roughly the same setup so excited judging by your pics. I had a quick attempt the other night but had my resolution set to 160X120. Didn't realise I could change it until I investigated in here. Can't wait to get an image like yours!!
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