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  1. There is an anomoly at the lower edge of the last 2 pics??? Alien?????? Dave
  2. Hi John. This may be the missing link. http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/ The Philips SPC900 is probably the most used webcam for imaging and can easily be modded for long exposures. B/W is more sensitive than the colour version, and colour images achieved by using R/G/B filters. The best way to use them is at prime focus, in otherwords the camera is fitted straight into the eyepice holder and an adapter for this is usualy supplied with the camera. Dave.
  3. Feedback? Hmmmmmm let me think>> Cool image That has a very nice atmosphere to the picture. I have seen ISS only once with the naked eye, last winter, and it had a cruciform shape as it passed over, total transit time was about 2mins. What camera did you use? Dave.
  4. 2 weeks of love :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :tongue1: Dave, (the perv).
  5. The link is to an interesting argument regarding extraterrestial civilisations and the Fermi paradox. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2008/02/scientists-at-s.html Comments?? Dave.
  6. Call in your local scaffolder mate, or use a helicopter that is pushing it Dave.
  7. No, not at the moment, but it is planned to mod it for LE Dave.
  8. Over the past few months i have been experimenting with combining SLR lenses with webcams with the aim of building a cheap camera suitable for wide field imaging. My latest attempt is i feel the best to date. It is based on a Trust WB5400 webcam mated up to a Pentax bellows with a Sunagor 62mm f300 lens. I have options to fit Pentax k lenses but need to mod the bellows to take the bayonet fitment. The first image is a telegraph pole aprox 3/4 mile away and is the best of 30 frames taken using K3 and stacked in registax, some wavelets to help to sharpen the image. The second image is the camera. Click to enlarge as usual. Dave
  9. Nice afocal Badger. Who needs an expensive camera when you can use an expensive phone Dave.
  10. Hi James. Seems to be a few heading over here from there Dave.
  11. Very well presented Paul. And lovely images. Sketching whilst viewing must be a challenge to say the least, when you are dark adapted how can you see to sketch? Dave.
  12. Hi Rob and welcome. Names familiar Two of the sea gates on Portland, (Chesil beach), were recently refurbed by..............Me and a few mates. Looks like a brilliant dark site in calm winds. Dave.
  13. It's now on BBCi player. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/page/item/b008x3qm.shtml?filter=category%3A100005&scope=iplayercategories&start=1&version_pid=b008x39c Dave.
  14. The Philips SPC900NC is the webcam to buy, it is CCD chipped, (less noise, hence less post proccessing), and can easily be adapted for very long exposures and a very high frame rate. Avoid Cmos chipped Cameras. Dave.
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