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  1. east of england binoculars have them and at a great price. had mine a couple of weeks and on the whole its great, just did not like the finder and am still getting used to the eq mount but the scope tself s great.
  2. I couldent use my finder , could not see a thing through it .So I bought a talrad an d its amazing , spot on every time.
  3. On now gadget geeks sky 1 , there's a telescope review item
  4. Thanks for that, I looked the other day and gave up when I realised the view was unclear , i wil look longer now.
  5. If someone were to open a shop , they should offer interest free deals such as you get from other hobby shops such as music or metal detecting, this would encourage people to spend much more on scopes and pay over 10 months. People could then get a nice big Dobs from the start and not be dissapointed by the views from there 80 refractor.
  6. Hi, what about the educational side , maybe you could do a module from a degree course or the GCSE from star learner. I really like reading books and watching shows like wonders,of the solar system and am interested into getting more into the physics side of the hobby later on.
  7. hi pajr777 I've just bought the same scope as you , did you have to collimate the scope when it came ,as I had to because the secondary mirror was loose. Also how do you find the finder on the scope , mines useless cant get anything through it except in daylight with my eye about an inch off. Have just ordered a telrad finder as they look pretty simple. You say you saw the bands of Jupiter, was that with the 7.5 as i've not used that yet, I used baader zoom on lowest setting and could not see the bands , although I did get Saturn but it was very small but clear,no moons but this was about 10.
  8. I've just used the calculator , my scope and eyepiece are not on it but I entered ones that are similiar, I have a tal 150p with baader zoom and I put in skyliner 150 with hyperion eyepieces and the views were nothing like I got on saturday. according to this program the planets are tiny dots, but I saw jupiter and all visable mooons as well as saturn and its rings. On m42 my image was nothing like what this shows although I was very happy with the image. In fact I think my naked eye visual was better than this was showing on the planets.
  9. Hi I think i have finally managed to collimate my new scope and align the finderscope , the scope must have been knocked around by fex ex I think. Using astro babys guide and watching some you tube videos the secondary mirror seems more pretty central now and I can now get all 3 brackets on my primary mirror into the eyepiece I also seemed to have cracked the finde rscope alignment which seemed a right pain until I realised as I was pulling my eye away from it that the view suddenly cleared, so by keeping my eye an inch from the eyepiece it works fine even if the image is small. And to top t
  10. Hi, I got my tal 150p this week, one of the reasons for buying was the great finderscope that comes with it. I have only just realised that looking at house opposite me the image is upside down, this might explain why I've not been able to align it, should it be upside down as its a straight through finderscope, also there's a little dial on the side ,what's this for. Plus I can't really get a clear image from the finder. Any tal owners please help
  11. I buy both at the moment , I feel the better quality mag with the more in depth content is astronomy now but a lot of it goes over my head as I am just a beginner. Sky at night seems to dumb down a bit but do like some of the articles and the better equipment reviews ,a perfect mag would be something between the two.
  12. Tal 150p Weather started clearing a bit but still pretty hazy could see Mars Venus and Jupiter as well as a few specs of light so thought i'd be impatient and try new scope out. Still not sure its collimated right and cant see anything through the viewfinder yet, very hard to look through the viewfinder anyway have to stoop right down. Spent ages trying to get Mars into view but still learning how this mount works so had no luck. decided to position at the end of the garden and look at Venus & Jupiter, problem is I have trainline at the back of my garden and the road on the other side of
  13. hi thanks for the replys I have added a couple of extra photos of the front and of the nuber on the dial I thought that number was something to do with technical spec of the bins, I feel happy now that I have not been ripped off. As I say they are really good quality and when I have seen fake items in the past they always look shoddy.
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