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  1. Hi everyone, Been out and about learning different techniques and trying to be creative with my telescope and DSLR. Just wanted to share a photo and a video I made - the photo is about 128 minutes of star trails and the HD video is 20sec exposures at f3.5 iso800 using a Sony Alpha a33 SLT camera. Thanks for looking!
  2. Wow man, great job. Blows my first attempt out of the water. Guess I gotta get out there and make it happen now. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Wow, amazing photo Martin. Cant wait till I am able to take such great photos like this one day. Bravo!
  4. looks fantastic olly! I really like the colors!
  5. Thats right! I plan on going crazy tonite and stacking. Probably spend hour or two taking photos and then I will use Registax when I get home to stack and align them. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the feedback/suggestion. Its an awesome feeling btw, everytime I see something new I have not seen yet I am jaw dropped. I plan on getting a better scope one day when I dig out of the financial problem my family is in. Bad times for everyone, thank god I have my outlets Cheers!
  6. I know, its not the best clarity and your not able to see it well - but I was super excited and impressed to pull it off with as little knowledge and experience I have in astrophotography. I was able to see it better messing around with different "In Camera Filters" settings. On incandesent setting, It appeared very bluish but I was only able to do 1" (1second) exposure because anything over that was causing star trails and I have yet to figure out how to properly track with my Celestron Nextstar 4SE Thanks for looking, appreciate all comments! :hello2:
  7. i would love to check out the tutorial you have, whats the link?
  8. Yea I had that night tonight. Even though I am a beginner, I also have frustrating nights just trying to find simple objects in the sky and just when I think I do... the clouds roll in. Oh well, I guess if you could find exactly what you wanted every night, it would not be so much fun. Better luck next time, hope you find what your looking for!
  9. Another thing I was thinking too Steve, I have a celestron nexstar 4SE goto mount and scope, can I use this to track and shoot deep sky images with my camera? I just figured out how to set the alignments to a certain degree, but I am by far a amature with it all. The good thing is I have determination and patience when I really want to get something done, so as long as I have a nudge in the right direction - it should work out good. I appreciate the feedback and help guys.
  10. Hey guys, Awesome advice. I did too notice that I was having a hard time with the focus issue. Anything for me over 30 seconds causing star trails as you said, I am messing around with it more tonight, given that we have clear skies. I appreciate the feedback, it is greatly valued. I will put it to the test tonight and hopefully yeild better results. The barn door gizmo seems interesting, I will try that as well. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Hmm Bish, I recommend search Youtube for the Registax tutorials and start there. That is what helped me the most. I still am learning and don't know it good enough to give advice. But I would def say check out the vids on youtube. Goodluck!
  12. Taken only with my Sony Alpha a33 SLT, 15-70mm Lens, and tripod. Settings: F3.5 30sec Exposure White balance +1 bright sky Still have no idea why the photos will not come out right, it's hard to get those nice milkway photos like some people can get. Maybe my lens is not the right type or I am not exposing long enough. It was fun though, thanks for looking Rock
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