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  1. More good suggestions. I think I'll keep it, at least for a while, and buy some solar film and a 45 degree prism.
  2. It is a GSO 300 Deluxe. I only bought it last November and since then I had my first child, so not a lot of opportunities to really test it out so far. Now in the summer the sky is bright all through the night. But what I have seen so far is great. I have mostly looked at the moon, Jupiter, Andromeda galaxy and some star clusters. I still haven't had the opportunity to see Saturn and Orion nebula for instance. I find that the biggest limitations so far has really been turbulent sky conditions, and the Swedish mid winter freeze of course. Handling is not too bad. I can easily take it apart and carry the base and tube separately, although I have been thinking of attaching a wheel and handles so that I can roll it out in one piece, like a wheel barrel.
  3. Solar scope, terrestrial use or donate it to a school. Great ideas! Thanks.
  4. I have recently bought a 12" dobsonian reflector telescope. It's great, and now I wonder what to do with my old Konus Motormax 90 telescope. it's a Maksutov-Cassegrain on a wiggly equatorial mount. It's been standing there tucked away ever since I bought the new one and frankly speaking I don't see myself using it again. Sure, it's easier to bring outside with shorter cooling time and all, but I would just stand there wondering how much better the view would be with the new one. So, if I sell it I won't get much for it. The second hand market here is flooded with small aperture reflectors. Can I attach it to my dob somehow, and would that make any sense at all? I already have a finder scope so what good would it do? Any tips on what to do with it is appreciated.
  5. Very interesting. It would be nice to track airplanes with high magnification through a 12" Dob. That should make stunning views. You would have to make sure not tracking against the sun though.
  6. Yes, that's what I was thinking too... nice to be able to see and handle the scope in daylight for once.
  7. I see several threads in the DIY section about building a solar filter for your telescope. It seems pretty easy, but before I give it a try... what can I expect to see with a relatively large reflector and a solar filter? I imagine that I will be able to see a bright disc with black dots on it. Not saying that it would be entirely uninteresting, but is that it?
  8. Today it's about -16 outside. On extreme winter nights it can get as low as -30 degrees ©. In the summer it's usually between 20-25, sometimes up to 30. I have a 12" dobsonian, and wonder what it would take to build a permanent observatory in the garden. If I would buy one of those domes that are for sale, would it be enough to protect my telescope in all weathers? Wouldn't it still get all frosty in the winter? Or wouldn't it be completely baked in the summer sun?
  9. I have a 30 mW green laser and it is fully visible in the night sky. Even when it gets cold and a lot dimmer you can still see it. I've read that 5 mW should be enough.
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