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  1. Looking great! But forget about adjustable adapter plate, not a requirement at all.
  2. Have a gander at my pier/adapter plate on this thread: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/119083-aorakis-build/page-9
  3. Hi, regarding the pier, I would extend either in concete or have a steel extension made and do away with all the studding, it's not required at all. Ps, great photo.
  4. Hi, I'm sure that can be arranged, send me a pm.
  5. Hi, never really costed the project due to a couple of reasons; firstly all the timber was offset against invoices owing to me, secondly quite a bit of the other materials were surplus to requirements from my workshop, and finally, what the Mrs doesn't know won't hurt!
  6. Hi all, sorry for not replying for a long time, work and other hobbies have got in the way! Thanks for all the compliments, much appreciated. There are things I would do differently if I was to start over (if I ever find that elusive dark site! )
  7. Here's my build........ http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/119083-aorakis-build/
  8. Hi Andy, I came me into this build very late on but read the thread with interest. I too built an obsy (with Brundle parts), I'm also a fabricator and made my own pier and.... I'm also from Mansfield!
  9. Why bother with a levelling plate, they're unnecessary.
  10. A cubic metre of concrete weighs approximatley 2.3 tonnes not 1 tonne, should hold a scope
  11. Looking at your last photo, it appears that you have not use the fixing bolts provided?
  12. These are the runners and wheels I used for my (very) heavy roof, as has been said, they are sliding gate gear. Available from FH Brundle and the like.
  13. Shear nuts can be excellent, I use hundreds in my work, however, they are pretty poor in the situation used above. If you were to undo the nut under the plate by as little as 1/4~1/2 a turn, the shear nut above the plate would then be removable by hand, no tools required. The best solution is to apply "Loctite" or similar to the threads/shear nut just before shearing off, this should prevent removal. hth
  14. My personal experiance would be give RVO a miss, had a bad experiance with them when trying to purchase (to me) a lot of monies worth of kit. I also found Ian in particular to be quite arrogant. FLO on the other hand could not be more customer based, a pleasure to deal with.
  15. Looking at your set up, you have your scope in the smaller of the two dovetail sockets, ie Vixen style, 45mm. Further apart is the secondary dovetail, the Losmandy-style, 75mm. SEE HERE.
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