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  1. The black panther that visits my garden always gives me a twitchy knot. Good job it is more frightened than me, a flash of the torch and it always runs off at rapid pace.
  2. I once spent a winter on top of a mountain in the Balkans, -38c was the lowest and usually below -20c. On the nights when you could look down on the clouds the skies above were fantastic even when you're just using a rifle scope.
  3. I painted my spectacle lenses with red nail varnish, now I don't have to worry what colour the lights are. Seriously, if you need to open fridge, turn light on, whatever...close one eye. It only takes a very short time for the exposed eye to match the good un.
  4. Thanks for the replies, guess I'll leave the DIY route alone then......though I do have a 12v 35ahc motorcycle battery in the shed. Cheers
  5. I have been rooting through various ac/dc adaptors that I have in the shed but have been unable to find one between 11-15v dc output. I have found 1 that is 9.5v 1.5amps and I'm guessing thats not enough to power a Synscan AZ goto mount but would not do any harm trying?? I also have 1 that is 17v 3 amps, trying this may cause harm I think but voltage could be reduced by fitting a resistor inline? Any advice is greatly appreciated as to whether either of the supplies mentioned above could be used. I will get the one from Maplins which is on offer at the mo for £9.99 when I get chance anyway. Thanks v much.
  6. On my eq newt I don't even use a finder scope, I just get behind it and align to the general area then sweep around in a pattern I cannot explain! When changing EP's some will have to have minor refocussing, some quite a large difference....
  7. I am curious as to why the cap (not eye end, other end) has a v small off centre hole in it? TIA
  8. Santa got me great stuff, even a synscan! However my wife got me jack and thats just not good enough!!
  9. Good advice, so far had 34 lagers, 2 real ale, 1 bottle of merlot and now on to voddy and cranberry. I would also agree tomorrow night looks the best bet which is why I am trying to stay awake! Cheers.
  10. I think in the NE England cloud is our main enemy. I live not far from Darlington but far enough, MW easily visible on a very good seeing night. As soon as there are any mist/clouds the reflected lights from the conurbations is dreadful. Still, I am not too far away from some very good sites so should count myself blessed!
  11. Today I have mostly slept, hoping for an odd patch of clear sky tonight, however on my many trips to the bottom of the garden the sky is still cloudy as predicted. Now that it's 00:15 and there looks like no chance do I go for Vodka, Whisky or Lager?
  12. I had one bothering me for a while but luckily somebody shot it to bits with an air rifle (I assume).
  13. I am guessing you mean iOS 5, the latest operating system from Apple. Available for iPhone 3GS onwards. Plug your phone into iTunes and it should automatically upgrade.
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