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  1. Hi Which field flattener did you use for the equinox? Nice improvement by the way Bri
  2. That's good advice from James. Simplified, but practical experience to help you get familiar with your equipment to get you going. Your next time out will help with the next step of polar aligning properly. I started with your scope/mount combo and thought it was complicated to get everything dialled in but once you've done it, seems easy. Step by step and keep researching. Soon you'll have that Canon fired up if that is your aim. I'm nowhere near you so cannot help first hand.
  3. Hi astrodam, you've gone and done what you said you were going to do, congrats. After all the research and saving and setting up, it feels nice to get that first exposure to pop up on the screen isn't it? Well done mate, good captures. I started with your setup around the same time of year and couldn't wait for the longer, cooler nights and the bright winter objects to come around, like m42 and m45. They gave me a buzz too. Can't give much guidance on the processing side of it as I'm not that clued up on the subject myself, but you've obviously got the ball rolling and been successful I would
  4. That's great Paul I will definitely have a proper read through when I get a chance. There looks to be some informative stuff there so thanks.
  5. They do look like cheap ones Mark. Made by Halina, 7x30s. Its just a bit of tinkering and doesn't really matter if it doesn't work out, just wanted a go at it as well as see how it works inside but I would ask on here first as their was bound to be someone with experience. I will have a play to see whats what. Thanks.
  6. Sorry that you misunderstood but I don't have an issue with the fact that they are out of alignment as they were given to me for free. I was just inquiring whether it is worthwhile for me to attempt re-alignment. Bri
  7. Hi, I received a free pair of 2nd hand binoculars (prism variety). When I had a look through them, I was getting 2 images. Is it possible to collimate these easily before I contemplate any fiddling? Can all binoculars be collimated? One of my friends has the same problem with his too. Wouldn't mind having a go if its not going to be too problematic. Bri. ....why can I not start new sentences or paragraphs when I press enter. It does nothing?....
  8. Thanks daddystu. Thought it might have been a dodgy cable. One day I might sort this! Its frustrating that all the learning you do and the fun of playing around with precision instruments for this great hobby, all comes to a stop because of something non astro that I know zip about! Oh well, I will keep searching. Thanks again.
  9. Ok. Another thing is I'm not getting a chime when I connect in the usb slot like it usually does with every other usb device that gets plugged in. Is this normal?
  10. I've reinstalled ascom but still get the same message. I feel liked I've messed something up. Originally, only had 1 port occupied in the dev manager (port 3) then got 'click happy' and uninstalled it. That's all I did. I'm obviously not knowledgeable on this subject so I hope somebody can give a step by step to fix it? Com ports do not show up at all in the device manager now.
  11. I have followed the steps, but when I click on driver setup in toolbox, I get a pop-up message saying 'runtime-error 429. activX component cant create object'. I have no clue how to fix this, anyone know whats wrong?
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will have another go at this again when I'm off the night shift.
  13. Need help please! I would like to run my mount through my laptop using eqmod because I've just bought the kit to go guiding with phd. I connect everything by usb and power up, apt and canon works, phd and lifecam works but with regards to the mount, I keep getting a 'com port error, com port not found' message in eqmod. How do I make it recognise a port? I'm using win7, ascom 6, neq6 with hi-tec astro usb. It worked when I first tested the mount out a while back, now I want to use it properly but don't know what else to do as I had a wasted night trying to figure it out but didn't get anywhere
  14. Glad to help. If I remember correctly, yes you can use the supplied part to screw the t-ring onto but...... The outward taper that slots into the focuser is rather shallow and doesn't give much security because you have to rely solely on the focusers tiny thumb screws to hold a heavy camera in place. They eventually work loose and the camera sags. I would recommend the camera adaptor from FLO though as it slots snuggly and deep into the focusing tube. It IS secure and up to the job. A few extra quid will potentially save you dropping and destroying your new camera. If you can't buy one yet, wr
  15. No problem. Another couple of things I used to do were to keep the legs fully retracted as they are far from sturdy! The downside to this is you will have to get very low down to look through the polar scope properly while shining a red torch down into the other end to illuminate the reticule. This was very uncomfortable for me to start with and gave me eye fatigue and neck ache. Plan your seating position to prevent this! I also made sure the legs were completely spread by pulling the feet outwards, then placed something heavy on the undertray just to keep it a little more 'planted'. Have yo
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