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  1. Cant the motor auto correct/adjust the speed that is needed ?
  2. Ok much love, one last question. Considering all mounts are not the same and some are more accurate then others, Means that the inaccurate mount will just have a inaccurate speed and the pictures will still capture what is needed but might be a little off center and once stacked it will be centered and only some of the boarders might not have the fullness? Im going to do some research into the accuracy of my mount and be looking for a better mount in the future, I believe i can still get good results with a inaccurate mount if that is what my mount might possibly be.
  3. Thanks for all the input guys i really appreciate it. This is the telescope i am using --> http://www.telescope.com/Telescopes/Refractor-Telescopes/Refractors-Telescopes-with-Premium-Optics/Orion-SkyView-Pro-120mm-EQ-Refractor-Telescope/pc/1/c/10/sc/332/p/9867.uts?refineByCategoryId=332 It already has a EQ mount and i dont know how accurate is or how sturdy the motors i want to buy for it are,But they are from orion a american company. Are they not as good as the EQ6-GT but and if not, cant i still used my current mount, Im starting to understand about the fundamentals of having a top notch mount, But i have a astrophotography dream and i want to make it happen before my life time, Throwing in another 3 grand on equipment is already a fortune. And if i need to buy a new mount just to have a better calibration id rather wait till my hobby builds up a bit more. Will it be ok for me to use my current mount and the motors i want to buy ? I guess besides that i want to know what you guys would suggest me buying for a mono chrome ccd camera ?
  4. Yea I got a EQ mount, unfortunately it is not a goto and has no motors everything is manuel. So by the looks of it i should be upgrading my telescope to take astronomy photos and have a more in depth view of our cosmos. I rounded the numbers down sort of and i will have to throw in another 1-2.5k to make it happen. I was curious on some things i was looking at and was hoping for some feedback. I was looking at some auto-guiders and tracking mounts aswel as a camera. To break it all down: Auto-Guiders: 1. http://www.telescope.com/Astrophotography/Autoguiding-Solutions/Orion-Magnificent-Mini-Deluxe-AutoGuider-Package/pc/-1/c/4/sc/60/p/102418.uts?sortByColumnName=SortByPriceDescending# 2. http://www.telescope.com/Astrophotography/Autoguiding-Solutions/Orion-Awesome-AutoGuider-Refractor-Telescope-Package/pc/-1/c/4/sc/60/p/24770.uts?sortByColumnName=SortByPriceDescending Mounts: 1. http://www.telescope.com/Accessories/Telescope-Drives-Controllers/Orion-GoTo-Upgrade-Kit-for-SkyView-Pro-EQ-Telescope-Mounts/pc/-1/c/3/sc/46/p/7817.uts Cameras*: 1. http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/slr_cameras/eos_60da 2. http://www.telescope.com/Astrophotography/Astrophotography-Cameras/Orion-StarShoot-Pro-V20-Deep-Space-Color-CCD-Imaging-Camera/pc/-1/c/4/sc/58/p/52085.uts?sortByColumnName=SortByPriceDescending 3. ...,...,... Thats what im interested in but im open to other suggestions, on making it happen wonderfully. I have a question and im wondering if im right or wrong. There are two auto guiders i was looking at and the first one has a better resolving power then the the second choice i had. The first one has also a smaller focal length. Im leaning more tords choice one with the better resolving power, As most of the images i take will be of nebulas and clusters the auto-guider wont need to go too far out to see, but being able to see more clearly would benefit in having a better response to the mount ? As for the mount i think thats the only one i can buy since my whole scope is orion built, and the motors are for it specifically. And as for the cameras well thats where im having some difficulties still. But im pretty sure i want the canon 60da. But im very open to getting a monochrom or regular ccd camera. Im wondering how you guys think the two choices in cameras compete ? Personally i dont know much about it im very new but very interested, But the 60da has a better megapixel pictures then the star shoot and i feel like it will be a good choice if im going ccd/dslr ? As for monochrome, im verry open to it since this is all for astrophotography and i dont know hoe much time i will even have to use the 60da in my spare time besides using it with my telescope. (another advantage to the 60da) But a monochrome is for my hobby and will result in better quality. Im willing to spend about the same amount as the camera is worth for a monochrome but if you know something in my price range or even more please let me know. Id love to know what you guys think, Thanks.
  5. " Then a light among them brightened, So that, if Cancer one such crystal had, Winter would have a month of one sole day. ” ~Dante

  6. “Then a light among them brightened, So that, if Cancer one such crystal had, Winter would have a month of one sole day. ” ~Dante

  7. Hello everyone, its been a while since i been here last time, this place and you guys have allways been on my mind. Word had been kind of busy, and the moon was not in my favor this year, My interests are still high, and am now looking to buy a camera to take pictures of different nebulas and star clusters,... Ive done some research and for the money, I think i would like to get a dslr camera. I still have some time before i buy it but the sooner the better. I want to buy a Canon eos D60a --> http://bhphotovideo.com/c/product/853491-REG/Canon_6596B002_EOS_60Da_DSLR_Camera.html I dident just wana brag if this truely is the camera i will get, But i was hoping for some tips and advice and maybe if you wana swing me thords the verge of camera made for astrophotgraphy then thats fine too.. Since i am still a amateur astronomer and have still a lot to learn and have dont have many hours on the field yet either. I know some people use the canon rebel, and i wanted to know, what do you guys think, Am i making a good choice, what benefits do you guys see me choosing this camera, some advantages and disavantages. i willl be using this camera on my scope --> http://telescope.com/Telescopes/Refractor-Telescopes/Refractors-Telescopes-with-Premium-Optics/Orion-SkyView-Pro-120mm-EQ-Refractor-Telescope/pc/1/c/10/sc/332/p/9867.uts?refineByCategoryId=332 Do you see my dream coming true ? Another question i had, was in order for me to get high expoure pictures in the same space , would be to get a autoguider? in order for this all to work does this mean i will want a tripod that has a motor setup installed on it ?
  8. Wants to learn more about ccd & astrophotography, Want to see nebula.

  9. Yea , But i want to look at the stars I was hoping that there might be something i can possibly wipe it with or clean, but i guess the condensation will just build up few minutes later. Does the due shield totally block condensation from forming on the optics? And does the do shield distort or blur the image? I saw the controlled heater i want to get it eventually, the one with the adjustable heating control with multi plugins for heating strips, unfortunatly im not in the situation to get buy it at this moment. I might be purchasing a compressed air canister to blow any dust off the lens. I want to buy a cleaning cloth if there is any made specifically for telescope optics, but i do not know of any, any suggestions or experience? I did think of using a computer fan mounted on the bottom and facing the optics, glad that someone else mentioned it. But do they sell such things or are these mods preferably DIY. I keep my scope indoors and it does not build up condensation, i have a fan blowing in my room , that probably helps. I bring it outside when im ready to use it. I bring it out in two parts, first the tripod then the telescope. I was just hoping there might be a easy way to watch the stars and wonders of the universe without condensation ruining my night. Should i bring some sort of fan with me? lol
  10. Hello fellow star gazers, i had a beginner question about cleaning my optics. Last night was the first time i set up my brand new telescope and had a lot of fun, but about 30 min into observing my main optic lens on the tube had condensation and i was worried about wipeing it down with anything. I ended up bringing the telescope indoors and let it dry out in the air and i put its cover back on. I did clean my finder scope but i want to figure something out. I know i can buy the heating strips and they sell the dew shields. But if im on a budget what might you suggest ? And if you have any experience with the heating strips or dew shield i would like to hear. How could i clean my optics cheaply or until i am in the situation to upgrade. Cleaning cloth ?
  11. Hey everyone just wanted to say i got my telescope today , Wow what a big package, i wasnt expecting it. I put it all together , was not to hard, was fun to do and learn in the process. The rain has been horrible the last few days and its going to be like so another few days, but i should have wonderfully clear skys on the 3 of October, and i cant wait. For some odd reason it seems to be cloudy and rainy all day and at night the skys clear up a little. So tonight i went outside setting up my scope and aiming it thords the cosmos. It was a lot of fun, i did not have much time to do anything because of the Dew I managed to find Jupiter it was really bright. The moon was not out tonight. I had a lot of fun afterwards with just my finder scope even tho it was a bit bumpy Well i hope for clear skys soon. I attached a picture, sorry for my messy room, i did a bunch of cleaning believe it or not I did want to ask something , not sure if i should start a new thread or not, but i wanted to know what i can do for cleaning my optics , and what i can do about this dew that builds up on my lens ? I was scared to wipe with anything so i just took it apart and brought it inside and let it dry out. I was scared to wipe with anything soft, i did wipe my finderscope tho, I have to be careful. Any suggestions ?
  12. Just curious but will i be able to see the colors of messier objects using filters ? The specs of the scope i ordered say it was made to see deep sky objects and is only a 120mm ?
  13. Hello fellow space explorers i just had a question regarding my webcam. I have a Microsoft lifecam cinema and i want to use it for astrophotography but i was not sure on exactly what moding is all about. I was hoping someone might have some links to more info or can explain to me the benefits vs the bad if there is any ? What sort of features or things would i be looking for if i wanted to buy a different webcam then i currently have to mod ? Also if anyone has any experience with the webcam i am personally using then feel free to tell me what you thought. Thanks
  14. Yes can you believe it, I almost missed it when i was looking and i was looking for a while. I think i know why i missed it, but Believe it or not the package was getting loaded on the truck and i called just in time. Close call. So for $70 more i got a better tripod and instead of a 600mm focal length this baby's got 1000mm focal length. I cant wait to get it.
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