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  1. The SW 150p eq 3-2 mount is not brilliant for any AP. Ideally, in the same range, you'd want a motorised eq5. I'm hoping Father Birthday will deliver one, or at least enough socks to trade in.
  2. Cheers guys. The problem I have is that the rd projects on to the lens about 70mm in front of it. Looking at a dark sky with no visible targets, how can I align myself to know that a single position of the rd is a true refection on the eyepiece . As I move to look at the rd, so does the rd. I can stand at the back looking through, but that is my alignment not of the rdf . The field of view is fairly large so I need a way to target- this does not seem to happen.
  3. I've bought a second hand rdf which came with no manual. That's fine as it's not complicated. The problem I have is that there is no definite crosshairs or such to line up one of the reticules, so as I move so does the dots position on the lens moves.This is fine on brighter objects because I can see where to align myself, but on fainter ones it is of little use. What am I doing wrong, or am I? It's the RDF in this link http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p302_LED-Red-Dot-Finder---Metal-Design.html
  4. There's a template for an ob chair in this month's SAN...cost £15 + time to make. The Aldi one looks appealing though Shaken not slurred.
  5. Will let you know. It arrives on Monday, and I go away to Greece on Sunday, no chance of night sky here, so in that time I'm hoping to try and improve the mount stability. I haven't seen, specifically , where the problem lies with the mount, and am hoping that something as simple as a weight (bag of sugar, ), hung from the head will add stability.
  6. Thanks for your help. I have gone for the C70 at £53. I toyed with the Opticstar AR80, but at £140 it's too much for how often I'd use it. There's no doubt that there are some good ones for not a fortune, which surprised me.
  7. Hi, I didn't want to go over £100, and would prefer something that can sit on a photo tripod if possible. The 70 Travelscope sounds good, but it worries me that it is too cheap? Thanks to all for your help.
  8. I am thinking of getting a small scope to take on holidays abroad etc. Looking for something to carry in hand luggage, so nothing heavy, and not OTT price wise. Any ideas? Thanks you nice people
  9. Looking really amazing datman. You are obviously a perfectionist. Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to see it finished.
  10. I have done this along time ago, to slightly older kids, but the principle's still apply. My advice would be several fold. Talk about stuff very tangible, that they can already relate to, the moon is a good one obv., set them tasks- draw the moon from their garden for example. They may well have heard about the Mars probe- ask them if they have, and develop on that, distance etc and it gives an opening for solar system size. When talking about equipment, talk binocs- they all we have some in the house , talk them through looking for specific objects, and how to keep them stable- using a wall, tension loaded string etc. Get the teacher/assistants to be larger planets and kids to be smaller. Above all make them laugh early doors:D Good luck, it will be fun I'm sure
  11. fountain


    Is there a height extension accessory available? I've looked and there doesn't seem to be a custom made one. There is one for the EQ5 I see. Am I not looking closely enough:( Being reasonably tall and having the odd back moment makes polar aligning a real chore.
  12. Must admit I'd be very interested. I saw a finished octagonal one from a posters photo's on here, and asked him about it. Looks really good and efficient (I won't post a link without permission), and is one I'm about to do myself. His is on decking, but mine will be on grass so looking at sinking poles into the ground. I'm also on the coast (100 yards) and it get blowy, so I need some stability. I'd be grateful for any plans etc that would help.
  13. What does everyone store the scope and mount in? Mine's permanently up in our newly decorated 2nd reception room (the room has doors-edit french type, just realised that some may have thought other rooms were padded cells- so not bad getting the gear outside), but my misses had a notion (silly obviously) that she'd be able to relax in the room:D To be fair I have tidied up the DSLR gear and the eyepieces, books, maps, magazines etc, so she can now sit down. I wouldn't mind some sort of storage so it can be out of sight behind the sofa. Any ideas?
  14. B & Q have a good sale on Stanley boxes at the moment- half price, or as close as.
  15. Not much chance for tonight in Lancashire either. Howling gale and absolutely leathering it down. Time to make pub plans for later I think:cool:
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