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  1. Hi all! I'm thinking of upgrading my telescope. I own a 10" dobsonian, I love it but I want to get a Catadioptric telescope instead because it is much more mobile than the dob. My worry is that the Catadioptric's f-ratio is f/10 compare to f/4.7 of my dobsonian, does it mean that the images through the catadioptric telescope would be much darker than those through the dob? (like the f-ratio in camera lenses?)
  2. Matt: I used a 5mm eyepiece so I got x240 magnification. I think you're right about the atmospheric condition it was very cold and humid so the exterior of my scope was really wet and probably the mirror as well, thinking about that I don't want to get my telescope out in the winter.
  3. Hi, thanks for your answers, I think I was viewing Mars at around 1am. and David, that really makes sense and nice sketch.
  4. Hello everyone. Last night was my first time observing Mars through my telescope, it's a skywatcher 10" dobsonian. I was a bit underwhelmed by it because what I saw was just a small red disc even with a high power eyepiece. I couldn't see much detail. Is there any way I can see some more detail?
  5. @Ed: Yes the blobs on the mirror are just reflections of what on the tube wall. What I meant was some green thing that you can see under the two blobs. It may not be something to worry about since my view through the scope is still normal as usual, but I'm afraid that it may be a problem in the long term.
  6. @ravedog: that must have been really beautiful and amazing that you could see it from London. When I lived there I could hardly see anything in the sky except the moon because of heavy light pollution.
  7. What I used was just a small 8x50 right angle finderscope that comes with Skywatcher 10" Flextube Dobsonian. Yeah, it could be a satellite.
  8. I know that Orionid meteor shower peaked on the 21st-22nd. Tonight just when I was trying to locate Jupiter in my finderscope, I saw a light shooting through my view just below Jupiter, heading left-downward, so it seemed like it was heading towards Orion constellation. Could it be a meteor or shooting star or something else or just my imagination:icon_eek:? I am quite sure that it wasn't because my scope was moving because Jupiter was already in the middle of my view and the width of the "meteor" light was even bigger than Jupiter.
  9. I don't think it's an insect or anything alive. It looks like some green paint.
  10. Hi everyone, just I finished observing the sky tonight, I just looked into my telescope (Skywatcher 250PX dobsonian flex tube) at the primary mirror, I saw strange green thing on it, but it didn't effect my observation, I could see Jupiter, Pleiades and Andromeda Galaxy clearly, just like normal. So is it something to be worried about? Also if it helps you help me, I can take a photo of it.
  11. cool thanks!!!! maybe do you have any specific recommendation on the scope? like which scope exactly would you recommend to me? Budget: around 300 pounds.
  12. Also I would need a sky map or planisphere for South east asian countries, i've been searching for it for quite a while but I haven't found it yet.
  13. Hi everyone! I am looking for a telescope for my grandpa right now. He told me he wanted to see some planets, but he's in Cambodia , so he can't try my 10" dobsonian. Which telescope would you recommend? I'm going back to cambodia in December for a month, so it is really inconvenient for me to bring my scope with me, because it is too big. I would need some small light ones which are good for planetary view. I want to give it to him as a surprise.
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