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  1. Hello, I had a problem observing dimmer stars through my standard Skywatcher red dot finder. This is especially true if I want to use 5x telvue powermate. The minimum setting was too bright,and I had to switch it off and then on again. I decided to mod the little red dot finder. But I knew I had to design something which will be small enough to fit in the original case (which is pretty small) and run off the standard battery 1.5v. So I present to you guys my 'little' project. The pieces are so small that the biggest capacitor I needed to use (220u) had to be downsized , but after some tests it worked out ok. The movie with the finished product and schematics along with eagle files are on my site c4xp.ro So what do you think? I can use any comments and suggestions.
  2. hi and welcome, as a hint: you will need the autoguide package to stay on the same patch of sky, to be able to take long exposures.
  3. Welcome and crystal skies to you
  4. I am meeting someone tomorrow for option number four 4. Get a second hand Philips 900NC and modify it like here and here
  5. This is exactly the kind of picture it started my interest in astrophotography. All I can say is WOW :-O
  6. Wow, amazing find.. As a heads up to your heads up: Unity engine uses Java from the system so all who have problems should install latest Java library and then Unity Web Player
  7. c4xp

    Hello from Romania

    Thanks to all, What a warm welcome !
  8. Hey guys, Please help me before I go completely bonkers: Is CCD still required in the modern era of 4T CMOS and 7T CMOS ?
  9. I just found my 3rd choice of the Camera: 3. TS Astro CCD Kamera
  10. c4xp

    Hello from Romania

    Hi ebu and yes us newbies have to stick together
  11. dmahon you realized you made 666 posts ? Thanks for the feedback , I am still thinking about 2nd hand items but I don't have 50 posts yet to see the market thread
  12. c4xp

    Hello from Romania

    Thanks I see you have the same Nikon D3100 as I do. Any DSI with it ?
  13. c4xp

    Hello from Romania

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and astronomy, but I already found a wealth of information thanks to this great community. Programmer by day and Electronics Engineer by night I thought I started a hobby not related to computers or at least I try I started a new thread on the Beginners Help and Advice page about acquiring a basic scope.
  14. Thanks Olly for the answer to my 1st question I suspected something but I didn't knew the tech details. The 5th Question is about what camera I can use for DSI In the past cameras like ToUCam, Vesta or Philips SPC900NC were used because they had sensible CCDs. Now my options are: 1. Logitech c510 with mod article here £44.99 2. Microsoft Lifecam HD-5000 with mod article here £49.99 Both have CCD but it seems like microsoft cam is smaller and it will fit inside a cheap eyepiece, the drawback being that it is not on the QCUIAG website What do you guys think ?
  15. I did a little research on what my country (Romania) has available at the moment, and the choice between Skywatcher and Orion became a one horse race with Skywatcher winning So the lucky winner is: Skywatcher Startravel 80 Hmm, I wonder if this little gem does have t thread on it ? What do you guys think, is this ok ?
  16. Hi guys, I want to start a hobby into astronomy, but I want to start it smart. I don't know if I will stick to it, that's my biggest concern. I only know that I want a setup which can take pictures, and I read that it has to be autoguided for exposures greater than 90sec. Basically the first choices I am presented with are: 1. Buy a low grade scope or a pair of binoculars and freeze outside while saving for a expensive professional equipment. 2. Start out using something more expensive, and then find out this is not for me, and then try to sell the whole thing. 3. Buy an ST80 for a main scope, watch some stars and then later (if I will be still in the mood ) use that as a guide scope for a bigger more powerful reflector. I have chosen to go with option #3 and this led me here 1st question: Can I use a cheap Schmidt-Cassegrain design instead of the ST80, and later be able to use it to autoguide a more powerful Reflector ? I have read something about 'differential flexure' but I'm not sure if it applies to an SCT or if it's even better.. 2nd question To be able to take pictures, do I need this Imaging Camera (expensive bit of kit but I imagine I could use it later), and then (if I will be still in the mood ) use it as a guiding system ? 3rd question What EQ mount can be autoguided ? Not sure if this has an input port and accepts guiding commands. 4th question What to buy first ? Only the ST80 ? I already have a tripod which I use with my Nikon d3100 Any other manufacturer is welcomed, I am not fixed on a particular one, the links here are only given by example. (Hope it's ok)
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