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  1. A little tip. On the central bar, the knurled aluminium knob which clamps them into postion. On my 25x100s I drilled through this knob dead centre and cut an m4 thread. I then fitted the base of my rigel quickfinder to this by packing it out with some washers. I then centred the quikfinder. I know have a super accurate pair of large binoculars. I have managed to pick out many dso's with ease and speed as oppose to just sky scanning before.
  2. I picked up a set of Zeiss Jenoptems 10x50 for £10 from a charity shop.
  3. I own a Skywatcher 250 Flex Tube and was wondering what effects it would have on the performance of the scope hypothetically if you were to extend the flex tube poles and therefore the focal length???
  4. Heres my own excel catalogue. Including Messier , Caldwell, Urban Observers and Herschel 400 Messier Caldwell Herschel.xlsx
  5. i am wowed by the numbers I have to say. I often wonder what the night sky might be like if you were on a tiny rock orbiting a star in one of these clusters or a glob!?
  6. Phil4130


    Youve seen it youre whole life on the tele , and then you get it in the eyepiece for real.
  7. Maybe boring is the wrong expression , just some are underwhelming
  8. The double cluster is really nice. I like the feeling of capturing that faint object youve been hunting for and picking the details out.
  9. I have to say apart from the 'premier' open clusters I avoid hunting them down as I find them boring to look at. Do you?
  10. I use a cheshire . I have also on the bottom of my scope next to each collimating screw written with permanent marker the direction each screw has an effect. For example in = a left arrow out = a right arrow. I can now collimate very quickly everytime.
  11. I have a set of optical hardware 25x100 binos attached to a Manfrotto 475b Tripod and 501HDV Head. I would say that the view is similar to approx 30x mag in my 10" dob . They excel on widefield views of open clusters and I can fit M31, M32 & M110 in the same view. They are great as a grab and go too .
  12. A telrad/rigel quikfinder can get you in the vicinity of an object in seconds . Then referring to your finderscope and a star atlas to confirm. I have to recommend 'The illustrated Guide To Astronomical Wonders' which methodically shows you how to find everything worth seeing in the northern hemisphere .
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