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  1. It is now a year on from the "November update" on their website, with no sign of saleable units. Anyone got news? I really liked the concept
  2. thanks all - I remember Maplin when they first started out in Rayleigh. clear skies Chris
  3. I have acquired one of these and need to make up a spare power lead. Does anyone know where I can buy the two pole locking connector? I just need the connector, as I use XLR connections for power distribution in my system.
  4. I think that is about it , the link in the subscription email showed the same- Teleskop Express informed me they would be getting units next month.
  5. Some new news on their website now. Looks like its electrical interface has developed. I'm guessing if you can control a modem or printer via a HTTP webpage, there is no reason why you couldn't do the same with a mount to align it and point it in the right direction. Full robotic control (via ASCOM say) would be the icing on the cake.
  6. Is there any news on availability? The website is unchanged for several months now and it feels like the days of the Sinclair QL
  7. thanks - like everyone else I started with a NEQ6 - I'm assuming the belt-driven ones have less backlash?
  8. This is not a newbie question but a genuine one, trying to find a sensible mount recommendation around £1000 for imaging. I already have an Avalon Linear and Paramount but I'm not up to date with the less expensive models. I'm trying to put a system together for a strict budget and which is going to be usable. I bought a GEM last year, which will remain nameless, which had a PE of 80" pk-pk. A replacement worm increased that to 110 and a replacement mount was worse still. It went back. I really don't want another horror story. I did consider Fornax and Astrotrac but once you add all the bits together, the price is close to a GEM. The load will be no more than a medium refractor and small guidescope. Any suggestions (it doesn't have to be new)?
  9. There is a Tak 130 on ebay over this week for a remarkable price. I was initially interested but the advert keeps on being taken down after a few days and put up again with a different buyer name with a different buyer history. Proceed with caution.
  10. I agree with the last post. I share the frustration with UK weather and LP and am finding myself resorting to narrowband imaging more and more. I did a talk at a local junior school on astronomy. One lad asked me why do I do it (astrophotography). I thought for a moment and replied 'because it is difficult'.
  11. I need to update this. Worse - iOptron iEQ30 pro for lightweight imaging - had three before throwing in the towel, PEs of 65, 80 and 110" pk-pk and refused to guide and do PEC at the same time. Also went haywire with low level RFI and had to use with DC dew heaters rather than PWM. Real shame.
  12. The tripod has sold. thanks for the interest
  13. John - sorry, you just missed it. I just sold it. Skybound - I didn't know there were any issues, I certainly had none with mine - it was tack sharp in every corner. Wide field scopes are always very sensitive to build issues and even Tak's I hear have issues, requiring collimation.
  14. I bought this for my EQ6 mount and then, with an adaptor plate used it with 10Micron GM1000 and a Paramount MX. Tripod is boxed and has rubber and spiked feet and is in excellent condition. Prefer buyer to collect but will post (two boxes). This is the double clamp version. This is a fantastic tripod and only reason for sale is that I now use a pier in an obsy. If the buyer wants to use it with a Paramount MX, I still have the professionally made adaptor/pier extender.
  15. I bought a full frame SLR and decided to splash out on a Tak Baby Q. I have to sell the WO Star 71. It is extremely good for the price and can thoroughly recommend it for APS-C cameras. It is in excellent condition and is stored indoors when not in use. £765 - buyer can collect, or I can post in original box for £20 to the UK. I took this image with it: http://www.digitalastrophotography.co.uk/Astrophotography/Images.html#16 I also have a Lakeside focuser bracket for it, if you want me to include it.
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