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  1. Welcome, I'm still hunting down my first! Enjoy!
  2. Welcome from another new member and one day I shall get a few nice photos from viewings too. All the best!
  3. Hello and welcome from me. Sadly I can't help you personally as I'm very new not only to this forum but in general. Everyone is is very helpful and I'm sure someone will be able to reply with a response soon! All the best!
  4. Is there any map available to show light pollution?
  5. Excellent, I shall get it in the week when I'm away from my main machine. Can come in pretty handy. Thanks for such a quick response!
  6. It's normally frowned upon as someone else is making profit from free software. Normally the manufacturer doesn't promote this sort of activity.
  7. I'm guessing it's real easy to setup? I'm pretty good with stuff like that but theres nothing out of the ordinary to get it to work with a specific forum? Thanks for the quick reply!
  8. From my initial research then that should be a good scope. I believe the only set back is being able to do photography using it.
  9. Hey guys I was wondering where to post this so I'll try here in software. When viewing this website on an iPhone it recommends this app called "Tapatalk Forum App". Looks like a general forum app and was wondering if anyone has used it? If your like me and just can't seem to leave this forum for more than a few hours it may be worth purchasing this app and was wondering if anyone has used it first hand. Many thanks.
  10. Sounds like you have a few places. I have a nature park nearby that really comes alive at night. By come alive I mean everyone has gone home and the stars come out. Watched a meteor shower there with my girlfriend... but damn it gets creepy out in places like that! All the best!
  11. Thanks Gary. I'll need to bare this in mind when I come closer to purchasing. Does anyone recommend any particular star maps?
  12. Haha well thats a very good way to put it. Quite scary actually Brantuk. Makes me realise just how tiny we are and how fortunate we are to be able to gaze at such wonders. As soon as you said get a sturdier mount I was in complete agreement. Haven't stopped thinking about it since I joined actually. I've had this forum open for the past few days and not even closed the window!
  13. Nimon


    Welcome, I've only been here two days and this forum is great. All the best to you!
  14. I'm glad to hear that your on your way to getting one! All the best! Now I just need to decide...
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