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  1. I havent, but i just took a regular 120mm case fan and stuck a usb adapter on it. I power it via 2xAA batteries in an "emergency phone charger". Voltage is way under, but keeps it nice and slow so no vibrations, but still plenty of air movement.
  2. Not sure how you'd do the primary with no center spot using a cheshire. If you dont intend to spot it, you may as well just use a cap to sort the secondary and star test for the primary.
  3. Dont forget photos... Will be interesting for us and might help you get it back together lol
  4. My cat likes to "hunt" me and jumps out of any nook or cranny she can get into. Seriously, she's like kato from the pink panther.
  5. You always want to keep iso down as far as you can to minimize noise, but you'l always have to crank it up for astro. People recommend gaps to allow the sensor to cool down, however with only 30sec exposures it isnt too drastic.
  6. I did similar to you, cant remember the exact settings but i remember only leaving 10secs between subs, any longer left gaps. There is a setting in startrails to kind of smooth out small gaps, but they really have to be small.
  7. Looks more than clean enough in there. The focus looks fine, i would have said it was bad seeing but someone else noticed it was worse towards the edge, maybe mirror flop? Its a good pic, the contrast is down to daylight/processing, not a dirty mirror.
  8. Hmmm i dunno, around 10-15secs, iso 1600, wide open aperture. I did about 50 like that with 25 darks and got a reasonable result. Processing is the tough bit though. As for an lp filter, depends entirely on your skies.
  9. Afov cant really be quantified like that... It's hard to explain... Kind of like looking through a drinking straw and then a toilet roll tube. The magnification remains the same, only the window gets bigger. Some points of reference though - the human eye gets ~roughly~ 70* afov, so an eyepiece like that will fill your view edge to edge if you're looking forward. The crazy 100* eps allow you to look left and right etc without seeing the edge, quite an experience. I find anything above 70 has the "tardis effect" where the afov appears bigger than could fit in the ep. As for tfov, the full moon is about half a degree i believe. Worth remembering though that afov and tfov arent necessarily linked.
  10. I got a cheapy felt lined one for my 70-200, certainly secure enough for me. All depends how strong your thumbs are i guess...
  11. Apparently the mark iii has a lubricant free mechanism, so it isnt a problem with grease... I imagine such a mechanism has little tolerence for play so once things start to wear, something moves out of place and gets stuck. Fortunately mine seems ok after a year or so. Strange that it seems temperature related... Maybe a rubber component or something doesnt like the cold, the mkiii is the first to be weather sealed iirc.
  12. I used the dot first method too, though to find the center i drew around the mirror on a peice of paper, cut out the circle and folded in into quarters. Then just cut off the very tip of the point and unfold it, et voila.
  13. I'd go with the frac. I'd imagine that they're all optically close, but you'l be paying a lot for canons brand name, and a bit for the electronics. The canon Ls will still need stopping down for edge performance, which of course will introduce diffraction spikes. The scope will be easier to use with filters, flateners, reducers etc. Ultimately i guess it depends if you want the lens for daytime use too.
  14. Some nice detail there, could probably bump the contrast a touch to really make the blacks pop. What lens did you use?
  15. Thinking about some milky way shots soon, what were your settings?
  16. Personally i never find saturn too bright, but jupiter can be. An nd filter is what you're after, or a pair of sunglasses
  17. You'l actually find a full moon is rather boring, it's best when shadows are being cast across the craters.
  18. Seems a bit iffy. I had a similar situation but the guy had a decent history both on abs and on here so trusted him.
  19. Should be able to do one batch, so long as temps/conditions dont change.
  20. I'd be tempted to pick up a £5 sd card just to see if the lack of one is causing the problem.
  21. Also looks hopeful that the yellow warning is next to the counter for how many more photos will fit on the (non existant) card.
  22. Strangely enough, i spotted this option earlier and wondered what the heck it was for.... Sounds like a good candidate for a fix here, fingers crossed, but all those yellows in device manager dont bode well... Edit: looking closer, they're under network adapters, while the camera shows installed... Very wierd.
  23. Fairly sure its something along those lines. On a dob mount, tube length isn't really an issue until you get to 12" plus, where an f6 would put the eyepiece at quite a height. On the smaller dobs, they can use the easier to produce slower optics with no problems.
  24. Good stuff, hope you enjoy them as much as i do. You should get a chance to try them over the next few nights. Take a swing through cassiopea or even cygnus if you're up late...
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