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  1. I enjoyed the programme overall. A great mix of personalities who I found to be very interesting. Although I understand fully why the ET angle was explored, I would have preferred them to concentrate on Astronomy. The programme had some brilliant moments, I especially liked the discussions regarding Black Holes. Why cant there be a weekly TV programme? It would be great for Newbies like me, and those of you who are more experienced, in fact I'm sure there could be a lot of input from communities such as this forum.
  2. Tremendous. You may have answered this in a previous post but I didn't find the answer after a quick scan so I will ask again......... Are you piping in Internet access along with your power, or are you perhaps using WiFi. Did you solve the issue with the coating on the acrylic sheet ? Be careful if you follow some advice as to chemical aids you might cause "crazing" dependant on how the sheet was made... Extruded or Cast. Love the pictures your posting up, they've been tremendous throughout the build, I must say this is the first post I look at each time I log In to the forum. It might be
  3. Im disappointed to see that its been removed because of access by traders. I access the forum every single day but rarely post as Ive not recently had the time to concentrate on my new hobby. I'd only just posted enough to allow access really. I do hope we can get access again soon. I have the greatest of respect for the folk who admin/mod this forum and hope you can come to some sort of solution which fixes the problem. I think maybe the way forward should possibly be able to include trade buyers and sellers provided they play fair and square. Maybe they could be induced to help support this
  4. One Small Step For Gina, A Giant Leap For..........
  5. maybe a phone call to the supplier might yield a safer way of removing the coating/film.
  6. Im really impressed, it's looking tremendous. This set of postings is the first thing I look at when I come on the forum. Far better than Corrie..... But then thats not a fair comparison? Anyhow, suffice it to say watching your obsy take shape has been brilliant and inspiring. Im going to build me a case this weekend for my scope and bits. Not quite the same I admit, but nevertheless useful to me. ...........As an afterthought , maybe you should have had a "Heres One I Made Earlier" in true Blue Peter Fashion. Your going to enjoy the fruits of your labour I'm sure. I do wish I had the space,
  7. This is just tremendous. Brilliant job. I think your going to spend many happy hours in your obsey. :-))
  8. Thanks again for all the input, and the extra questions too.
  9. OCD lol. Now now, you take all that time to make sure you get a steady clear image, then you spoil it by having a drink? I might just use your routine as a template for my own viewing habbits, then I can tell my mrs its your fault when I'm somewhat tipsy during my viewing session. Being serious though....... It does seem to make sense :-))
  10. All these responses are brilliant. Thank you all.
  11. Thanks everyone, most informative. I think maybe I'll have a go at making one, and also I will investigate the dew heater too. Can anyone let me know if dew is harmful to the scope?
  12. I have read many posts here referring to putting your scope outside for a period of time so that it has a chance to cool to the air temperature around it. Is this necessary with all kinds of scopes? Another question. I gather, again from reading posts that my 127 Mak is prone to being affected by Dew. It's no problem to buy a shield, or make one for that matter, can I just make do with something like card or whatever to get me by till I have the proper thing. Does the Dew get inside of the scope? will this cause damage? I take it that if Dew does get inside, then do I leave the covers/caps off
  13. LOL Space Beagle......... Sorry if my post came over as somewhat pedantic. It wasn't meant too. The written word isn't the greatest way of communicating thought and intent, on the whole it's pretty lacking. Body language, facial expressions and tone of voice are all needed to make good conversation. Never mind though. Your replies are muchly appreciated. I really must try to temper my scribblings so theyre a bit softer. AND NOW I"M WELL OFF TOPIC..... I do think it's good advice to try before buying. I'm not sure how this can be achieved. Is there a way of trying EP's in a retail outlet, I r
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