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  1. Hello fellow stargazers. I'm going through the messier list , and i was thinking of M79 ...is this globular like M13, M15, or is it very small in eyepiece ? i was looking the other night with no result the moon was half full which probably did not help. If it is very small ....? what magnification will it take ....i know it is very low in the sky...... looks a difficult object. Any advice welcome ... from Ian
  2. Talitha , thanks for the information i have been going through the messier list so using the filters i'm sure it will help me with the more testing objects.... again many thanks .
  3. Thanks for putting that up very interesting , i will use them a lot more than i have just wasn't sure what filter suited what object . Been observing now for about 3 years finding my way around but it's great.
  4. Yes i have an 8 inch dob , up to now i have not used the baader UHC-S/0III filters but saturday used one on M42/M78 UHC-S and M97 0III did make a difference makes the image stand out more especially on M97. But views are good through an 8 inch scope anyway.
  5. I'm going through the messier list, first priority but i like most objects also a nice bright comet would be nice.
  6. Yes looked this evening , and found M97 and M108 used 20mm eyepiece and just about fit them in fov decided to use the 40mm but both objects became very faint . So i will try 32mm next time as this i think will be a good magnification . M97 a small disc/ M108 a bar of light.
  7. Yes a red dot finder , is a must for finding all the deep sky objects you can pick them up for £ 20-00 another nice object is the double cluster in Perseus in either bino's or scope.
  8. Well i have the same scope as you, and iam very happy with it i have been buying the Meade 4000 range eyepieces so far i have bought the 40 /32/ 15 mm thinking mainly low powers as they are the best for DSO. The Meade range are priced £35/40 so not to expensive to buy, iam happy with the 8 inch dob you can buy larger scopes but then it becomes harder to move around. Filters i have 2 baader UHC-S AND 0 III but not used as much as i should use them.
  9. I have mine in a shed, well covered storing horizontal i had not thought about that seems a good idea though.
  10. Sorry i should of said eyepieces, any reviews welcome.
  11. Does anyone have this range if so what do you think of them ?
  12. Hi Can anyone give me some advice on what objects these filters are good on, i bought them with my 1st scope but have not used them much over the years . Do they make a difference ? and what filter is suited for what object ? they are both baader filters any advice would be most appreciated . Regards Ian
  13. I live in malvern worcestershire and being in a town the sky is not bad at all in my 8 inch dob i was just able to see M74 [without moon] In my own back garden so to see that i can't really complain .
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