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Status Updates posted by Jessun

  1. Pink stars - soooo last week.

  2. First ever OIII sub is in! :-)

    1. Daniel-K


      Whoo which object?

    2. Jessun


      T'was the Eagle Dan.

  3. Decision made! Going to bolt a quad rig together :-)

  4. Mono is the new OSC I think :-)

  5. The 120ED has been dusted off :-)

  6. Some NEAF pics uploaded in the Astro Lounge section :-)

  7. Some NEAF pics upladed in the Astro Lounge section :-)

  8. NEAF weekend! Pics and writeup to come.

  9. Call me a nerd, but I'm actually counting the days to NEAF!

    1. M00NMonkey


      off to the states?

    2. alan potts

      alan potts

      Why, you can't want another mount can you?

    3. Jessun


      States yes, a few days. And I wouldn't mind the 1100GTO :-)

  10. House hunting :-)

    1. Matt Scunthorpe

      Matt Scunthorpe

      Remember the (dark) garden is the most important thing to look for!

    2. Jessun


      True that! All else can be fixed or changed, at least in theory!

  11. NEAF tickets sorted for April :-)

    1. ronin


      So you will be destitute in May, June, July............

    2. Jessun


      Hehe, I'll leave the wallet somewhere safe... :-)

  12. Moonliting :-) No more Wobblerail!

    1. alan potts

      alan potts

      Have you had that monster out yet?

      Fine piece of kit, it reminded me of something you see in a Dentists

    2. Jessun


      A few times Alan, and it works a treat :-) Gonna miss it moving from the flat...

  13. A good sunny day for house hunting!

    1. foundaplanet


      How nice.. We have sleet and hail today..

    2. Marki


      One with a garden as well as a balcony?

  14. No 24 is up and running!

  15. Assembling a heavy mount :-)

  16. 67 kgs in transit according to UPS :-)

  17. Works on the way to prepare the Sky Crane for an AP1600GTO :-)

  18. Work on the way to prepare the Sky Crane for an AP1600GTO :-)

  19. Amy, the scientist Smurf?

  20. An little upgrade is on the cards soon!

  21. A clear night after 75 cloudy ones! Finally :-)

    1. Qualia


      Wow! 75! Think I should set up an astro-mojito party next Xmas :-)

    2. Bigdaddyjeff


      not around here tho :(

  22. The Sky Crane is operational and out there!

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