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  1. APM LSOZ 105/650 kit with FT3.5" focuser, Focus Boss II and motor, and a RiRed of your choice. (M81 or M63 plus adapter ring for the FT. Either reducer sits inside the focuser tube). Rings and dust cover are included as well of course. Comes with test report from May 2015 and some paper in Russian ... These sell new for around 3700 euros with a 2.5" APM focuser. The parts included in this sale amounts to around 2500 euros. The scope has sadly only ever taken one image, so the hours spent outside are minimal. It is truly as good as new. (The alu dust cover has some scratches -
  2. Pleasure, Roberto! I'll look out for you on Astrobin /Jesper
  3. I have a mounted set of Astrodon NB to sell. Are you able to change carousel? /Jessun
  4. Is this of interest though? I mean not the thread as such but the FL of a guide scope. PHD and other software don't mind really. /Jessun
  5. I agree with what is said above by other members. It's been some time since I used my Canon DSLR so my advice about stacking was not clear. I assumed a run with the filter and another without it. Sorry for the confusion. As to the rain effect, I'm sure you can search for 'rain' or something and find some threads on the topic. /Jessun
  6. I'd say that is a 'normal' result looking at the time and number of subs. DSLRs often produce these rain like streaks and I never found a good way around it in processing. I had some software that had an anti-streak routine but can't remember which one it was. For stacking, you are limited by your data. With that I mean that after stacking you will be able to pull out whatever it is you are looking for. But for this target, very Ha rich, I see no reason why you couldn't stack the whole lot AND separately stack the red channel to have a look at what's in there. You can use this as a separ
  7. APM Mini Guiding Scope 60mm Deluxe Finder Scope/ Lodestar combo for grabs. From the scope manufacturer: "The focuser is a precise helical type with a millimeter scale and 8 mm focusing travel. The backfocus is 20 mm max. Precise helical focuser T2 thread Locking screw at focuser Guiding cradle rings with dovetail For all 1.25" eyepieces (straight) Specifications: Type of telescope: Achromat Refractor Lens: Achromat Color: black / white Tube material: Aluminium Aperture: 60 mm Focal ratio: f/4 Focal length
  8. Yeah I'm selling off all but one or two telescopes. I haven't been imaging for years and don't think I will again, and IF I do I'll do it in a minimalistic way. /Jessun
  9. I ran 3 smaller APMs with the Riccardi reducers. Very happy with the result but bit by bit I'm selling off. Keep an eye out for one or two of them here on SGL /Jessun
  10. Yes of course. I 'downgraded' from three Atik 460s, running a successful triple rig and bought this kit instead to run a single scope but with a single larger CCD. During this period we had a baby and I stopped doing AP. I needed the sleep. We then moved to a different place with more bedrooms but with no place to set up a rig... I sold my Astro-Physics mount some hours ago and it's all going. More to come. As I write the kit advertised is pending payment. Thanks for looking /Jesper
  11. Model SCA-TA2 2" adapter Camera SCA T Thread M42-P0.75 2" filter thread: M48-P0.75 75 euros /Jessun
  12. Just what it says on the tin. 700+ euros a piece... Get a full NB kit for 1300 euros. /Jessun
  13. Mount sold. Thanks all for looking. /Jessun
  14. I used to run Shuttle units with Celeron processors via Remote desktop. Worked a treat. I'd preprocess 'locally' and then just send one file indoors per session. /Jessun
  15. How much data are we looking at here? The processing looks sound to me. A tad high in contrast and some - like me - try hard to tune the green down and try to hide purple star halos, but there's no need to do that. This looks very HST authentic. /Jessun
  16. vlaiv, I think it's easy to do away with numbers and pixels to grasp the basic concept of F ratio. The number is a fraction with no end to the decimal places, and it has no unit. Then we put something tricky to observe in front of the lens and something even trickier (a sensor) at the focal plane and practical matters kick in in abundance. I enjoy these discussions but I don't want to be the broken record on the subject... It's often the case that your OTA slips, the sensor ices over, the laptop crashes or clouds gathering above etc, way before you really have to lose sleep over th
  17. Very neat. The risk is of course to over complicate matters sometimes. lukebl is right as we are all painfully aware that discussions on this subject never reached consensus. It's odd in a way that this is. /Jessun
  18. I agree vlaiv. It's just optics and the 'sensor' should be though of as a white postage stamp rather than something that is segmented. Well done on the train question. It's just one of those riddles that only has a ratio at heart. 4 people ever solved it during the day I flew with them. One guy put in the speed of sound in a series of equations and came up with a number of miles. The simple ratio never clicked. /Jessun
  19. You are right vlaiv as far as I'm educated. All practical considerations when it comes to taking an actual image are as we all know making it an almost impossible task. It is just so fundamental to understand F ratio at its core. Noise, pixel size, well depth etc are merely the constraints we have to deal with and don't quite play a part in understanding F ratio. There is for instance no F ratio myth as often proposed. As a side note I have attached an pic that I have drawn for most of the pilots I ever flew with. Some 3000 to date. Riddle: A man is fishing on a bridge. He
  20. vlaiv, I really like your thinking and you have the skill to formulate a model that works very well for you. I gathered that the OP wanted to go down to the logical basics, and for a more logical approach I think it's important to just accept it for what it is. A simple ratio between two measurements. The only other ratio I deal with daily is Mach number. It also has no unit. Mach is not a unit, although Americans often say something like "2 Mach". Don't ask me why this is. It's Mach 2. Ratio 2. Mach 2 is the same for a Lockheed aircraft or a Northrop aircraft. It's an absolute. Just like a
  21. Awesome Dave! The Gimsom rams are all I have left from the Sky Crane as it was 'decommissioned' this year. Any pics? /Jesper
  22. I would like to see more user inputs on this one to add to the mix: http://www.jtwastronomy.com/products/mounts/ogem /Jessun
  23. Thank you Philip R. Kind of you. I'm not back in action per se. I have yet to take my first image with the 16200... and I've had it for some years now... The walk of shame in GOT springs to mind.... /Jessun
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