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  1. Hi James, Could you not transfer the funds online or via a phone app? I travelled from Scotland down to Birmingham with a friend to look at & probably buy an obsy. We travelled down, had an inspection to make sure we were happy & then he transferred the funds to the sellers acccount. The price was a four figure sum so relatively expensive so I'm assuming that this possible with most banks but I could be wrong. Jeff
  2. That's a cracking image Andy, looks really good. Jeff
  3. Thanks Huw, On the power connector, it says 300v & 15A. I'm a bit thick with this so could you please confirm that I need a 15A 12v cable? Jeff
  4. Hi, I recently bought one of these for my imaging kit:-https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003AVPUZG/ref=twister_B01DUJOZLC?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I want to use external power to run it but am unsure which cable I need but would like to power it via a 12v cigarette lighter socket if possible. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction so I get the correct power cable for it. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers, Jeff
  5. I'm not in the obsy tonight, for some reason I just didn't feel like it, I'm just sitting about trying new processing techniques & getting nowhere fast! Are you getting the Ha for this image or do you have a new target? Jeff
  6. Did you do a histogram stretch on it as it will still be a linear image if not. Don't ask me to explain what a linear image is though as that's way above my pay grade at the moment! As I said, I'm no expert but I would highly recommend checking out the tutorials on harry's astroshed, they helped both myself & many many others to get a hang of PixInsight & I reckon you'll benefit from harry's advice as well. HTH, Jeff
  7. I prefer the first version, much more detail & much more contrast. I also like the white frame as well, it contrasts the image nicely. Jeff
  8. I fitted the Gunnar mod to my mount for this very reason, it makes polar alignment a breeze & gives you peace of mind at the same time. Jeff
  9. You need to be very careful with the upgraded bolts as they are much stronger than the metal the mount is made from. If you don't slacken one before tightening the other, they will wear through the mount & cause serious damage to the ALT adjuster. I would also recommend doing only small tweaks with a scope on for the same reason, any major adjustment should be done with your scope off the mount. The reason for the weak bolts is because the metal used to make the mount is soft, the bolts are designed to bend before the mount gets damaged. If they used a stronger metal for the mount, the cos
  10. I've attached a pic of what I was advised to do & what I have. Make sure though, when you put the rebar in that you leave room for the pier top bolts & at the bottom to stop the bar from rusting quicker by touching moist soil underneath. As I said, my pier is absolutely rock solid & held my old 10" quattro on the NEQ6 with ease in fairly strong winds. Jeff
  11. Hi there, That's a great obsy you'll have once it's finished. I was looking through your thread for your build & spotted your drawing for the pier. I wanted to do the same when I built mine [ie. put the pipe all the way down & keep it separate] but I was told by several people on here [Can't find the thread to link to] who had already build piers that this was a bad idea & that the concrete should be all one block. The pipe should only come down to ground level & that you should put steel reinforced bar in through the pipe & almost all the way down through the concrete to s
  12. Very nice, love the star colours! Jeff
  13. Thanks Michael. I've been having a few issues lately so I'm glad I managed to get this. Jeff
  14. Very nice! As has already been said, there's some nice detail in there. Looking forward to seeing the colour version. Jeff
  15. Last was clear all night so I got the chance to image the very photogenic edge on spiral galaxy NGC 4565. This image is 13 x 600s fully calibrated subs & was stacked in DSS, processed in PixInsight & given a final tweak in Photoshop. The imaging equipment is as follows:- William Optics 110 FLT triplet refractor with WO x0.8 FF/FR IV QHY8 OSC CCD Guided EQMOD controlled NEQ6 pro. Any advice or constructive criticism is very welcome. Thanks for looking, Jeff
  16. Thanks for the advice about checking if cooling works but although I could be wrong, I'm pretty certain it is working. If I forget to switch the dew heater on to full & leaving it for a few minutes before switching the camera on, the chip freezes over instantly. Although I now know how to check to make sure & may do so just to confirm it. I think you're probably right about high cloud as I have taken this image of NGC 4565 last night which shows much more colour:- I also got roughly 24 x 600s subs of M81 & M82 which I have yet to process although there does seem to be more colour.
  17. I've just remembered that when I used the camera to take these images I didn't plug in my powered USB when using the camera which I normally do. Does anyone think that have something to do with it? If it isn't getting enough power, I could imagine that this might affect the image quality. Jeff
  18. Hi Mark, Yeah I'm pretty stumped as I checked it a couple times over to make sure & I am using the same settings as William. Just on the off chance, I even tried turning off the UP-bottom FITS & changed the Bayer pattern to GBRG after finding this old post via Google- http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/193753-pixinsight-debayering-qhy8/ It actually got me close but not anywhere close enough to call it a success. It is to be clear tonight so I might have another go to rule out the conditions being the problem, I'm just going to leave this one though as I just can't see the problem. Than
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